African-American Poetry

A Deeper Look Into Poetry

Identify the following of a Poem

  • Main Idea: What the poem is about
  • Tone: The mode that influences the reader's emotional response
  • Theme: The poet's message to the reader
  • Author's Purpose: The reason why an author has written a text
  • Figurative Language: Language enriched by words that provide detailed images and figures of speech

Countee Cullen Scott incident

Analyze the Poem

After viewing the video, work in your groups and choose one of the three poems above. Discuss what the main idea, tone, theme, author's purpose, and figurative language. Prepare a short 5 minute presentation discussing the poem. During the presentation discuss one fact about the author of the poem that your discovered while you researched the author online.

Use a graphic organizer as pictured below or click on the link for the inference organizer.