Blended Learning Under Plan B

Guide for Parents to Assist in Blended Learning Under Plan B

What is Blended Learning?

In Craven County Schools, blended learning means to meet the need of students by providing choice to our learners and their families.

Watch this SHORT video to learn the basics of Blended Learning

Blended Learning- Quick overview

What method of Blended Learning will we use?

At VFL, we (like most other CCS Elementary Schools) chose the FLIPPED Classroom model for Blended Learning.

Watch this SHORT video to learn about HOW the Flipped Classroom Works

The Flipped Classroom Model

What is the definition of the Flipped Classroom?

In a very simple way, the Flipped Classroom Model means that which is traditionally done at school (direct instruction/lecture) is now done at home via short teacher created videos. And that which is normally done at home (the real world application and practice) is now done at school.

This model gives the teacher back VALUABLE time to truly begin personalizing learning for each child.

By Switching to this "FLIPPED CLASSROOM" Model ... what will change for the Student?

What about Playlists?

Yes, students will still use Playlists. However, now the student and teacher have the advantage of making sure on their last day of school each week that their playlist and all accompanying materials are in hand when they leave the school. And for those students that do not have reliable internet at home all the materials can be directly downloaded to the device (iPad or Chromebook) at school!! THIS IS A HUGE POSITIVE GAME CHANGER FOR US!

Students that are assigned AA will receive their Playlist drop on Tuesdays.

Students that are assigned BB will receive their Playlist drop on Fridays.

The Playlists will always be exactly the SAME. The only difference is what day of the week the student receives the Playlist.

An easier way to think of it is that they will receive their Playlist on their LAST day of 'in school' learning for the week. AA = Tuesday; BB = Friday

What about Google Classroom?

Yes, we will still be using Google Classroom as our Learning Management System. Think of it as the giant Tupperware container that holds the student assignments, assessments and their work.

What about Teacher Landing Pages?

Yes, you can still access your Teacher's Landing Page for Playlists and other pieces of information to assist your student while they are at home or at school.

What about Asynchronous "at home" Learning?

Yes, on the days your child is not at school they will have short videos to watch with questions and activities to complete. It should take them about 2 1/2 to 3 hours per day to complete their ELA, Math, Sci, & SS work. This will include the time they spend on Lexia and IXL.

What about Synchronous "in school" Learning?

This is really where the change comes in.

In the "FLIPPED CLASSROOM" the direct instruction that a teacher would give is transferred to videos. These videos are VERY short and focused.

Now, 'at home' students are not required to Zoom with their teachers. This gives the control back to the student and family. It allows students to watch videos multiple times, pause, rewind, and fast-forward. The videos also give the parent direct access to how concepts are being taught, which will better help the parent to reinforce their child's learning.

An added benefit of this model is that our students and teachers that are 'In School' can be focused on each other. This allows the teacher to really hone in on each individual and make the most of every precious second that students are physically on campus.

And an extra BONUS benefit is that this model allows our teachers to make sure any student that does not have reliable internet leaves the classroom on their 2nd day of 'in school' learning with all the necessary pieces and tools downloaded on their device.

Finally, while our students are 'at home' learning we know they will have questions. Students will still be able to access a teacher at their grade level through Zoom during set Office Hours. During that time students can ask clarifying questions and teachers can provide directions and help to help a 'stuck' student get 'unstuck'.

What are some of the tools of Flipped Classroom?

IXL and Lexia

We will still be utilizing these tools. If you are a family with internet connectivity issues, then your student will have opportunities to get 'caught up' with their time and usage while they are at school.

We would LOVE for all of our students to still complete Lexia and IXL on all 'at home' learning days, but we understand that for some families with internet connectivity issues these programs can be a struggle.