Life Sandwich Part 1

Top Slice of Bread

I am a 13 year old boy named Kabindra Pradhan, my name comes originates from a little country named Nepal. It means poetic king or king of poetry. Despite that being my name, I don't really write poetry. Even though my name is always miss pronounced, I still like it, it makes me feel unique. I am a mix of Mexican and Nepalese but, I was born in Dallas,Texas and lived there for 6 years. I moved to Forney in 2011 after me, my mom and my sisters had finally earned enough money to buy a house. I lived with my grandma for 6 years after my moms divorce in 2005. I attended Crosby Elementary for 1 year and then went on to Brown. Im the man of the house at home and I'm usually there for the whole day by myself. I try to get my home work done as soon as possible so I can get to playing and video games for the next 5 hours and exercise for about 1. At school I may seem like a calm and quiet person but, at home it's a totally different story. Im Kabindra Pradhan and that is how i became the person i am today.
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American Cheese

As any other guy would say, I love playing video games. There are a lot that I like but, my favorite of the bunch is Super Smash Bros. It's a fighting game that can be played both competitively or for fun with family. I personally like playing competitively but, thats just me. Another thing i like to do is ride my bike. I do it everyday and i find it a good way to exercise. I also occasionally read books, my favorite are the mythology books such as Percy Jackson or the Kane Chronicles. I've been reading about mythology since i was 10 and i always love studying it. My favorite Tv shows include shows like South Park, Regular Show and Teen titans go. I also love anime it's so cool, the dialogue, the story, the art style. I also really like reading comic books specifically DC. I love super heroes, i love there stories, there origins and the villains. Those are some of things I like to do.
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Swiss Cheese

I don't always get along with my sisters in fact i can't even go 5 minutes with them without getting into an argument. One of them is 10 and the other is 7. The 7 year old isn't that bad but, the 10 year old i can't stand. See being the oldest has it's consequences such as, you getting no attention and every one hates you. Me and my 10 year old sister like totally different things and have different opinions about tv shows, music, and movies. She is a lot into things like Frozen, My Little Pony and what ever Shopkins is, and of course i hate those things. My cousins are basically copies of my sisters, they all like the same things and they all hate me because I'm the only guy!! My aunts and uncles never really pay attention to me and always forget that i exist. Same goes for me sometimes I don't even recognize some of them since i have so many. My most beloved relatives are my grandparents. When my parents divorced, my grandma provided us a home for 6 years. Even though i've moved out i still love visiting them. Those are most of my relatives that i know of.
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