Fidel Castro

The dictator who was as nice as a dictator could be.

Who was he?

Born in 1926, his father had migrated from Spain into Cuba, and was among 13 children born to said father, who owned a sugar cane farm. His childhood was of little importance, as few things out of the ordinary had occurred during it, aside from him being sent to El Colegio de Belen in his teens, and going to law school. After graduation, he joined the Partido Ortodoxo, (PO) and under Eduardo Chibas, he advocated social justice, and political freedom, while exposing corrupt individuals in need of reform, with a larger than average amount of zeal, to put it lightly. Despite Chibas losing the election, and receiving death threats from anonymous people, Castro remained devoted to his cause, refusing to back down, and instead opted to carry a gun and have armed friends when out in the open. Later years would have dissidents claim that he would hire assassins to kill off gang members, but evidence to prove this remains inexistent at this time. Later, in late 1947, he would take a leading role in student protests that had formed after a high school student was gunned down by members of the government. These protests were responded to with violence because of a crackdown on communism at the time, and Castro was often attacked with non-lethal weaponry, resulting in his party being on the receiving end of more than a few bruises. In spite of all this, his devotion was unhampered, and he eventually became leader in 1976. He was much more back-handed in his ruthless streak, often betraying his allies when they go against his warnings, as if to "punish" them, like how he did with Somalia, when they engaged in war with Ethiopia, then with Ethiopia, when they tried to surpress the EPLF, which Castro was opposed to. His ruthless-ness seemed to be mainly directed towards rightists, because when the SNLF tried to overthrow the rightist govt. of Nicaragua, he gave full assistance. Alot of people protested this military involvement, but his M.O. changed not. In short, he was never nasty to his own people for ANY reason, and did not commit genocide, but put all of his effort into killing all the rightists he could, in spite of any protests. Given how different he was from other dictators, who do you think he was? Was he like this?
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RetroBites: Fidel Castro (1959)

Or was he something else? You decide.