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December 13, 2019

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Fin'tastic CES Students Are:

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Ms. Gula's SHARKS!

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Important Dates:

December 18:

  • Early Release Wednesday (student dismissal 1:35pm)

December 23-January 1:

  • Winter Break

January 2:

  • 1st day of classes in 2020!
  • School Council (2:30pm; CES conference room)

January 8:

  • Proud to be a SHARK Community event (1:30pm; CES gymnasium)

January 9:

  • CES PTO Meeting-all welcome (2:30pm; CES conference room)
  • MRSD School Committee (MRHS media center; 6:30pm)

Join us at the school committee meeting as CES presents information about our selection as one of only 21 schools selected to participate in the state of Massachusetts Department of Education's Kaleidoscope Collective! Our teachers will also share their highlights from their trip to the Global Learning Lab and the visits to exemplar "deep learning" schools in Canada. Stay tuned for more information on the Kaleidoscope and our community forum on our participation in this collective soon.

January 15:

  • Early Release Wednesday (student dismissal 1:35pm)

January 16:

  • SAVE the date for our first "Family Night of Deep Learning!" Bring the children, bring your creativity and be willing to collaborate, communicate and have some learning fun! 6-7pm, CES gymnasium. More information to follow soon.

January 20:

  • No school-Martin Luther King Day

January 23:

  • MRSD School Committee (MRHS media center; 6:30pm)

January 29:

  • Early Release Wednesday (student dismissal 1:35pm)
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It's Official! The Best Place to Play, Chatham Community Playground at CES, Will Be Ready Sometime Next Week!

All Welcome ALL to Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony-We will send out an exact date as soon as we receive approval from the inspector!

Where: At the gates to the playground (enter through the front parking lot, not the building)

Who: Caregivers, CES Playground Committee Members, all that contributed time, talents, and treasures, and of course, all CES students!

What: We will have a short ceremony at the gates, then cut the ribbon. Students and staff will then place their "Kindness Rock" contributions near our buddy bench. Then, we will have time to play!

We cannot possibly thank all that helped create, support, and push this project along over the past 5 years. The list is exhaustive, but please know, we are so very grateful!

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Students Prepare Their Contributions to the Playground~Kindness Rocks!







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Weekly Article: "Ask Me About..."

Each week the grade level teams will publish two to three statements for caregivers to use as conversation starters with their child(ren). Although the Scoop is a great place to see and discuss end-of-learning products, these "ask me about" conversation starters will help promote discussions about current learning. For additional questions to ask your child about school, please visit "Understood's" article:

How to Say It: Better Questions to Ask Your Child About School and keep us updated on how these questions are working!

Ask Me About...From PreK

What are the types of gingerbread books Miss Jenn has read? (The Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Pirate, The Gingerbread Bear, The Ninja-bread Man...)

What usually happens to the gingerbread character in the end?

Ask Me About...From Grade K

Ask me to tell you what the character in a story is.

Ask me to tell you the number that comes before and after a given number up to 10.

Ask me to tell you about the kindness rocks

Ask Me About...From Grade 1

In the story "The Cupcake Party", what is the setting and who are the characters in the story?

What is the number sentence that would help you find the answer to this word problem?

Sarah had some cupcakes. She gave 4 to Alexis. Now she has 2 cupcakes left. How many cupcakes did Sarah have before she gave some to Alexis?

Ask Me About About...From Grade 2

What I wrote on my kindness rock for the new playground.

To summarize the book Same, Same but Different and explain its importance.

Ask Me About...From Grade 3

How can knowing the addition and subtraction facts help me solve addition and subtraction problems for two-digit and three-digit numbers?

What makes two figures congruent?

What does it mean for a figure to slide, turn, or flip?

Ask Me About...From Grade 4

  • Ask me about the primary source information I gathered on immigration from the video chat this week.

  • What did you learn about designing the net for our electrified buildings?

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Attendance Matters:

Need an Attendance Success Plan for Home? Check out the strategies below:

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Create a New Year Resolution to Have Positive School Attendance! Keep track on the calendar below and celebrate when you reach your goal each trimester!

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Chatham Elementary School named as finalist for Kaleidoscope Collective Deeper Learning pilot

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has named 22 schools and districts as finalists for the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning pilot program, a program aimed at involving more students and teachers in deeper learning.

“We were thrilled that hundreds of schools and districts expressed interest, many of which completed applications for the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning,” Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey C. Riley said. “This reflects schools’ and districts’ enthusiasm for deeper learning – learning that is interactive, relevant, collaborative, and coherently aligned to Massachusetts standards.”

In “Our Way Forward,” Commissioner Riley outlined how deeper learning opportunities could help close achievement gaps and prepare students for a strong future. The finalists were selected because they have already begun innovative work involving deeper learning and submitted creative proposals for how to enhance that work.

“Chatham Elementary School was chosen, in part, to lead the way with this state collective due to the team’s work with the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Global Partnership,” says Dr. Robin Millen, CES Principal. “Since 2018, CES -- along with partners at Southcoast Educational Collaborative and NPDL educators from across the world--has been working to shift the role of teachers to that of activators of learning who design learning experiences that build on learner strengths and needs, create new knowledge using real-life problem solving and help all students identify their talents, purpose and passion.”

Within this deep learning design, learning experiences also focus on developing global competencies, which are the skill sets each and every student needs in order to flourish in today’s complex world. These competencies include collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, citizenship, character, and communication.

The next steps in the Kaleidoscope Collective pilot program selection process include:

  • a convening and training, which were held on December 10,
  • an event in each finalist district in which the school or district will convene community members to contribute ideas to the school’s or district’s plan, and
  • a January school visit.

All finalists that complete the three steps will be invited to join the inaugural Kaleidoscope cohort. The cohort will run from January 2020 to June 2021, and members will receive professional development on implementing deeper learning. The Department expects to name a second cohort for fall 2021.

Lessons learned from this pilot will inform efforts to bring deeper learning to more schools and districts in the future.

“We thank all of the applicants for their interest, and we are excited to begin collaborating with our inaugural cohort in January to accelerate deeper learning statewide,” said Senior Associate Commissioner Komal Bhasin, who is leading the Kaleidoscope Collaborative for Learning.

The finalists for the initial Kaleidoscope Collective program are:

  • Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School (Boston)
  • Andover Public Schools: Andover High School and High Plain Elementary School
  • Berkshire Hills Regional: Monument Valley Regional Middle School (Great Barrington)
  • Boston: Eliot K-8 Innovation School and TechBoston Academy
  • Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School District (Danvers)
  • Fitchburg: South Street School
  • Lawrence: ENLACE Academy at Lawrence High School and UP Academy Leonard
  • Lincoln: K-4 Lincoln School
  • Mendon-Upton Regional: Nipmuc Regional High School (Upton)
  • Monomoy Regional: Chatham Elementary School
  • Nauset: Orleans Elementary School
  • North Attleborough: Amvet Boulevard School and North Attleborough Middle School
  • Randolph: Randolph Community Middle School
  • Revere: Abraham Lincoln Elementary School and Rumney Marsh Academy
  • Springfield: Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School, M. Marcus Kiley Middle School and Mary M. Walsh Elementary School

SAVE the DATE: January 16th from 6-7pm for our First "Family Deep Learning Night!"

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CES Students Take A Deep Dive Into Learning By Developing Our Next "C": Citizenship

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We Need Your Help!

As part of our schoolwide deep learning on the theme of citizenship, we are seeking children, classrooms or schools from around the state, country, and world. All of our classrooms have read the picture book "Same, Same, but Different" by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw. In this story, the two characters are pen pals. The two exchange letters and pictures as they wonder about different cultures, learn to care about others in the world, and find out that even though they may have different points of view and experiences, they are very similar as well.

As the children investigate this theme more deeply, classrooms have created "I wonder..." walls to record curiosities about what it might be like to be a student from other places in the world, and they are anxious to send letters/emails or video chat with others to receive some answers to these curiosities. If you have any connections to schools/people/organizations that may like to receive one or more of these letters, and will share, please contact your child's classroom teacher!

Same, Same But Different

Wonder Wall from Ms. Barnard's Classroom:

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Students in "Kindness Club" research five facts for each of the 10 countries showcased in the Peace Education Curriculum as part of their global citizenship project.

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The "Kindness Club" and Lunch Bunches work together on creating a "Wonder Wall" showcasing how we are all the "Same, Same but Different." The "Wonder Wall" is designed to celebrate our differences and "common ties."

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CES students are budding architects...

These two students display deep learning dimensions of:




Critical Thinking

Character SHARKS Set a Goal, Create a Plan, and Work Hard to Achieve their Goal. Stellar Spellars Display Character.

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Second graders create bar models to represent their families.

Part-part whole

# family members (addends)=1 whole family (sum)

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Picture of the Week:

I can draw here, I can draw there, I can draw everywhere!

A future Michelangelo!


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Chatham Elementary Gives Back~With the Help of Our Community Partners

A year ago, the staff and faculty were creating plans for how we would provide more opportunities for students to have books to read throughout the year. It was during this planning process that an idea was born: A Children's Book Only Free Library! Throughout town, there are wonderful mini-libraries where adults can stop to pick up or give back a book so why not create some libraries that sit lower to the ground, that are colorful and inviting, and that are filled only with titles for children? So we reached out to our Community Engagement Coordinator, Ms. Joy Jordan, and this is the result! Thank you to all.

Community partners for Chatham Elementary School little free library project

As part of a community supported project to ensure that students from CES have easy access to books when not in school, we have located a little free library at the Lake Street Terrace Apartments in Chatham. This was done completely by donation and volunteers, and we want to thank all of the organizations and businesses that supported it:

  • Members of the Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club Woodworkers Group helped with plans and design work and created and assembled the library boxes

  • Shepley Wood Products donated all lumber and wood for the project

  • Baskins Ace Hardware donated nails, screws, knobs, plexiglass, and more

  • West Marine donated clamshell vents

  • CES students and custodians painted the boxes and the custodial team helped with installation

  • The management at Lake Street Terrace Apartments agreed to allow us to place the box near their main office for easy and protected access to children and families

The volunteers and donors were so generous that we were able to create two boxes, and are deciding on the best location for the second box to be installed.


So as you see, we have a second library to place somewhere in the town. We already have a free library located in the front our school building. This one was also donated to us by Ms. Murray and her company. THerefore soon, we will have three locations where students and families could go to select books and help us reach goal of getting books into the hands of all of our children!

If you have some thoughts of another location, please complete the attached form to input your thoughts! Please visit these libraries frequently to select books, and if you have any books to donate, please bring them to one of these locations as well. Remember, these libraries are for children's books only. Free Children's Library Survey

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Mrs. BARNARD‘s class created a “caught being kind” tree to share the random acts of kindness we have experienced!

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Kindness Club" sends out "get well" wishes for a 6 year old boy named Carlos who is waiting for a heart transplant at Boston Children's Hospital.

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"Kindness Club" gets a thank you from Mr. South.

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PreK News:

This week we decorated kindness rocks by painting them. The morning kids opened Flat Stanley and are now pen pals with children from Harwich. The therapy dogs came in the morning and in the afternoon. In the dramatic play, we have the workshop.

At the academic table, we matched shapes on gingerbread men, we counted decorations on gingerbread men and sorted them by size and color.

At the art table, we decorated gingerbread houses, and cards.

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Media Center News:

This week in Pre-K the students made Stockings for their Ozobots where they taught their robots how to follow the colored lines and change colors. The students learned that the lines have to be a certain thickness in order for their robots to follow it.

Click here or below to see how it works: Ozobots PreK

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Slime Club

General School Information

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2019-2020 CES PTO Meetings Will Be Held on the 2nd THURSDAY of Each Month-ALL Welcome

CES PTO Student Directory 2019-2020

Please click here for the 2019-2020 PTO School Directory.

To add to/change/edit the student directory, CLICK here

Please contact the school office to update our database, and click here to update the CES PTO Directory.

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Media Center:

This week in media the students started to learn about computer programming. The preschool students learned that some robots can be programmed through drawing. They used their artistic skills to teach their Ozobot to follow a path.
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We are hopeful that we will be able to re-open our playground late next week. Stay tuned for more details.

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2019-2020 School Council Members:

2019-2020 School Council members:

Ms. Meghan Lampert (EL teacher)

Ms. Lenore Chieffo (Gr 3 teacher)

Ms. Lindsay Bierwirth (CES parent)

Ms. Ann Barnard (Gr 2 teacher)

Ms. Kathy Ware (Library Media teacher)

Ms. Maegan Story (MRSD parent and community representative)

Ms. Jessica Rogers (CES parent)

Ms. Deb Lopes (CES parent)

Dr. Millen (Principal)

The CES School Council meets the first Thursday of each month from 2:30-3:30pm.

Meeting agenda and minutes for upcoming and from past meetings online.

Click here for the 2018-2021 Schoolwide Improvement Plan

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Quote of the Issue:

Take the first step~You don’t have to see the whole staircase to move forward. - Martin Luther King

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Fourth Grade News:

Fourth graders continue to immerse themselves in authentic learning as they focus on conservation efforts. Pictured are students running "Lunch and Learn" sessions for interested students! All products use recycled materials...dried out markers, 2-liter bottles, etc. One group prepared a speech for the PTO in order to move forward with an old-denim drive and project to create shoes for other countries.
Another authentic learning experience focused on our first live video chat with immigrants who shared their "stories" of leaving their country, arriving in the U.S., and living here. 4th graders are currently researching their family heritage for a culminating "Culture in a Can" presentation!
All classrooms and authors received the premiere issue of The Shark Advisory, the CES literary magazine that showcases students’ enthusiastic and creative endeavors in the field of writing. This compilation includes a variety of poetry, sentences, letters, narratives, and expository essays! These forty-four pieces are entertaining, touching, and informative while they focus on the topics of Veteran’s Day, Tomie DePaola, quirky detectives, Egyptians, and more. The next magazine will contain Term Two's awesomely fin-tastic work!
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Kindergarten News:

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We each worked with our families to disguise a gingerbread man so the fox wouldn't want to eat him. We made a short little movie to go along with the display of our work in the hallway.

Even our gingerbread know how to be a SHARK!

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We have been learning how to identify and name the characters in a story. We are learning about the setting of a story as well.

We are practicing finding the number that comes before and after.

We are extending our map skills but learning about winter holidays around the world.

We decorated kindness rocks for our new playground.

We are using our knowledge of force (push and pull) to help the gingerbread man cross the river. We are working with a team to come up with a plan and created our ideas. Next week we will test our plans.

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Community News:

Dear MRSD Staff and Families,

Dear MRSD Staff and Families,

Monomoy Regional High School Spirit Club is hosting a Parents' Night Out, Youth Winter Festival! This is a fundraiser for our annual, all-school Fin Fest at the end of the school year.

Drop off your children for a fun evening of winter activities, crafts, and games, followed by a pizza party and winter movies on the big screen.. All of our guests will go home with a goodie bag containing their hand-made crafts and a surprise from Spirit Club!

Have yourself a night out, and we will take care of the rest!

See our flyer and the link below

to pre-register and purchase tickets!

*Pre-Registration Only* (Ends December 11th @ 4PM)

$20/Child 5-7PM (This is the early pick-up option, and includes the pizza party dinner)

$25/Child 5-9PM (All Inclusive)

See Details and Purchase Your Tickets Here:

Hope to see you there!


Spirit Club & Ms. Schuermann

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