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August 16th, 2019

1. We will begin using School Dismissal Manager on August 19th. This online system will help organize our dismissal process. All GCSC K-6 students will use this for their daily dismissal communication. You should have received a welcome email from School Dismissal Manager today. We found out today that a glitch on the back end of the program is telling parents there is NOT any students attached to them. This will be resolved on Monday. Watch the video below to learn more about the program.

2. All classrooms have completed the NWEA assessments for the Beginning of the Year. All we have are make ups for those students that were absent. We will let you know when the reports are available for you to access through the ParentPortal to your child’s Powerschool account. We take the same tests again in Middle and End of the Year. This allows us to use the data to set Growth Goals and CELEBRATE our student, classroom, and school SUCCESSES!

3. FAMILY EDUCATION AND PRIVACY RIGHTS ACT: The law guarantees your family rights to privacy in school matters. You must notify the principal by September 1, or within fifteen days of enrollment (whichever is later in the school year) if you do not want your child's photo or name to appear in school-sponsored publications. This includes, newsletters, school directories, honor roll or awards lists, promotion rosters, athletic programs, etc.

4. Hancock County is very close to being able to open up a Child Advocacy Center. This Center will provide services to children who are victims of child abuse or neglect in letting them be able to tell their story one time (rather than multiple times to the DCS worker, law enforcement, the prosecutor's office, etc). Not only will a center reduce the emotional toll on children who are in a difficult situation, but it will also increase the ability of prosecutors, child services, and law enforcement to protect the children in our community.
Please help them obtain another State Farm grant by voting on each of your accounts, 1x day, through August 23.

All info is on the attached flyer.

5. An Arrival & Dismissal Map for students can be found below.

6. Employment: GC still has several positions open. Please check out these opportunities by visiting the postings on our district employment page or click on this link:

7. School Clinic: Students should NOT bring medication in their backpacks. Our office is open daily from 7:00-3:00. Contact our office if you have medication questions. Do you have immunization records that have been updated? Send to Mrs. Sara Potter.

8. Mrs. Miller, the school social worker, has begun to go into some of the classrooms to share bully prevention lessons. These lessons all contain nice ways to interact with others, what bullying is, and what to do about it. Ask your children what they’ve learned through these.

9. Lunch Accounts - Greenfield-Central is once again using to put lunch money in your child’s lunch account (there is a small fee and you will need your child’s student number found on Powerschool). If you send money with your child please place it in an envelope or baggie in their take home folder. Make sure student and teacher’s names are listed. Please be sure to keep your child’s lunch account in good standing. Additionally, our cafeteria computer system does not have the capabilities to put a “block” on student lunch accounts for purchasing extra lunch items. You will want to make sure your child is on the same page as you when it comes to spending lunch account money. REMINDER. . . . The cafe does not have the ability to give change. If you are buying lunch be sure to have the exact amount. If you must overpay the excess will be applied to the student’s account.

10. School pictures will be on Friday, September 6th. Forms will be sent home soon.
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