Francisco Pizarro

The Conqueror of the Incas

The Basics

Born- around 1474 (no further information available)

Death- June 26, 1541

Career- Farmer, Explorer

Nationality- Spain

Homeland- Trujillo, Spain

Francisco Pizarro the Conquistador

Francisco Pizarro and Spain

Pizarro financed his first two voyages to the Americas with his own money. He was already rich from accompanying Vasco Nunez de Balboa on his trip discovering the Pacific Ocean. He didn't have to get money until he ran out on his third voyage. So, he went to Spain. He asked King Charles the 1, to finance his third voyage to claim the land for Spain. Charles agreed, and Pizarro went back to the Americas and claimed the land for Spain.
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Pizarro's Significance

Francisco Pizarro started out the son of a farmer. He herded sheep when he was younger.

He never actually learned how to read or write. Although he did counquer the Incas he was first known for his trip with Vasco Nunez de Balboa. He was with Balboa when he set his eyes on the Pacific Ocean. He got very rich and famous from this.

Pizarro had learned of all the riches that could be in the new world and decided to go and see this new world. He went three different times to America. The first voyage was in 1524, and he didn't even see land. The second voyage he actually made it on land in 1526. In fact he was almost to the Incas empire before he had to return, to Spain. Not his final trip but he finally reached the Incas empire in 1532.

Pizarro had to conquer the Incas in order to claim the land for Spain. He had a plan for destroying the empire. He took the King of the Incas, Atahualpa, prisoner. He held him for ransom. He claimed that the Incas king would be returned if a specific room was filled three times with gold and silver. He people obeyed, but instead of keeping his promise he killed the Incas king anyways.


Somewhere in 1538 Pizarro had an argument with with his pal Diego Almagro, over land. Half of the conquistadors were on Pizarro's side and the others were on Diego's side. There was a big battle between the two groups were Pizarro's brothers won, and killed Almagro. Almagro's followers became very angry with Pizarro and killed him on June 26,1541.