The Great Barrier Reef

A Project Made Possible By Spencer Dertinger

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If you are looking for a magical journey down under, then visit The Great Barrier Reef in Australia! Enjoy a beautiful reef, dripping with color, filled with relaxing temperatures, yellow sunlight, right off the treasured cost of Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

Location: Australia

Accommodations: Enjoy five star hotels, tastefully decorated+Deliciously amazing food (Shrimp on the Barbi, Ahi tuna, Fillet mignon, etc...) +Luxurious shopping and much much more!

Passport Requirement: Needed

Australia is a healthy, safe, and family friendly vacation destination!

Restrictions: No drugs. No bringing back wildlife (Animals, plants etc...) And follow all local laws!

A Family Friendly Destination!

The Great Barrier Reef is pack full of over 600 species of corals and a large array of jellyfish, fish, whales, dolphins, mollusks, and other exotic sea life!

Enjoy a thrilling session of snorkeling and swimming through the wonders of the ocean!

The average depth if 35 ft but reaches 2000 ft! Wow!

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