2nd Grade News

January 2016

Events and Reminders


3 Late Start Day (9:05am)

8 Hamlin Pub Fundraiser Night

12 Classroom Valentine’s Day Celebrations

15 No SCHOOL (Winter Break: Feb. 15-16)

24 Late Start Day (9:05am)

25 Little Caesar’s Pizza Night

26 Movie Night (6:30-8:00pm)



We just finished up our third reading unit focusing on informational texts. Readers celebrated their book club learning through a variety of visual representations and artifacts.

We are beginning our fourth reading unit of study focusing on developing a deeper understanding of characters through series texts. Some of our BIG ideas of the unit are below:

*Readers connect ideas and patterns within a chapter book: Students will learn how to hold their thinking throughout the book, noticing patterns and reflecting on characters, problems, solutions, and the heart of the story.

*Readers notice patterns and make predictions on what will happen across series books: Students will think about the patterns that are occurring, make theories about important events, and continue to ask and answer questions.

*Readers expand their thinking across series: Students will analyze their characters, discuss surprising actions, and reflect on the series books they have read.

*Readers expect surprises: Students will notice similarities and differences across their series, connect character theories from multiple books and connecting the message of the story to real life.

In writing, we continue to focus on opinions. Look forward to information coming home soon about the student opinion fair! Our BIG ideas for the unit are...

*Writers notice similarities between narrative and opinion writing (similar formats--intro/lead, 3 body pages, ending).

*Writers state a clear opinion with three supporting reasons with details and a clear ending that restates the opinion

*Writers add juicy details to help convince readers of their opinion.

Please continue to help your child lead a writerly life by helping to collect opinion ideas and practice these stories orally at home. Have your child think of a topic, have them state their opinion, and give three reasons with details that relate to their opinion.


In math, we are finishing up place value and adding on to this concept by focusing on a variety of strategies to help students with multi digit addition. Some of our BIG ideas are...

*Mathematicians can know and use facts efficiently.

*Mathematicians can attend to precision when solving 1 and 2 step work problems with unknowns in all positions.

*Mathematicians can use strategies and tools to solve problems within 100 and 1,000 accurately.

*Mathematicians can accurately add up to four 2 digit numbers

*Mathematicians can solve word problems with dollars and coins and uses appropriate signs.

*Mathematicians can mentally add or subtract by 10 or 100 .

Please continue to help your child improve their fluency in math by practicing math facts with them daily. This will help your child solve problems with larger numbers more efficiently.


We are continuing our Science unit on Properties of Materials and MIxtures. Over the past month, we have been specifically focusing on an object's mass, size, and state of matter. We will be learning about volume and reading scales in the coming weeks. In Social Studies we will be studying where our community is located and map making.

7 Habits

We continue to build our school culture using the 7 Habits. The first 3 habits focus on personal development:

Be Proactive --- I'm in charge of me

Begin with the End in Mind -- Make a Plan and Set Goals

Put First Things First -- Begin with the most important stuff!

Our next group of habits focus on developing our skills as members of a community.

Think Win-Win -- Solving problems in a way that all are happy with the outcome.

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood -- Listen carefully first and think about what the other person is saying. Try to understand another point of view. Then, share your thinking.

The two we have and will be focusing on:

Synergize-- working together to solve problems. Valuing other people's strengths and learning from them.

Sharpen the Saw--taking care of yourself by staying healthy and energized. Finding meaningful ways to help others.

Please make sure to ask your child about how s/he is using these habits at school and at home!

Ask Your Child About...

*What opinions have you written about and your reasons for your opinion?

*What are the 3 states of matter? How do they change?

*What topic did you learn about in your book clubs? How did you present what you learned?

*What is your child's Leadership job in the classroom?

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