PK3.3 News

7th - 11th December 2015


What a relaxing start to the week!

A big thank you to all the Moms for coming to celebrate Mothers Day at our PK Spa. I am sure you agree the children did a wonderful job pampering you. It was so nice to see them taking care of you for a change; manicures, pedicures and massages were being enjoyed at each "work station"! I hope they have continued the pampering at home!

They did such a super job, I am so proud of each and every one of them.

A puppet show.

On Wednesday the High school students surprised PK with a puppet show of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They had made all the puppets themselves and gave us a wonderful show.

Problem solving.

During our morning meeting this week we asked the question "Can you make a box with this?" and presented the children with a tray containing paper and a ball of plasticine. The children thought for a while and then began adding their own suggestions - they would need tape, scissors, glue.

During the morning they used their problem solving skills to manipulate the plasticine making box shapes and used the scissors and tape to make boxes with the paper.

Great problem solving PK3!

And there was lots of this........

  • wrapping gifts and delivering them in our sleigh
  • making playdough clothes for Santa and using popsicle sticks, stars and circles to make and decorate Christmas trees.
  • using our patterning skills to make festive light patterns
  • mixing up special reindeer food!

Important Diary Reminders

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PK3 Christmas Party - Wednesday 16th December 10am - All parents are invited.

Children should come wearing festive colors.

Friday 18th December - Polar Express: To celebrate the end of our first Semester together we would like to invite all PK3 students to join us for a trip to the North Pole!! We are going to travel on the "Polar Express". Students should come wearing their favorite pajamas and bring their favorite stuffed animal. Friday 18th will be a half day for all students.

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Wishing you all a relaxing and restful weekend!