Animal project

by: kloee berry

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth

  • Fact - The poodle moth was discovered in 2009. There are actually quite a few rather closely related moth species that look just as interesting/strange ( )
  • The species almost definitely belongs to the family Lasiqcampido
  • quotes- " Venezuelan poodle moth confuses scientists" - distant Daniel
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The mexican walking fish

  • facts- The axolotl body can grow up to 30 centimeters
  • The axolotl contains poison glands
  • quotes- " A few days ago several executives were given a tour at a science museum in Barcelona, Spain, to my surprise, I saw a living fish with four legs walking on the bottom of the aquarium. Adjacent posters show artists renderings of how such creatures evolved into in to amphibians then reptiles and finally mammals" - Feedback from one of the readers
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The flapjack octopus

  • facts- The scientific name is Opisthoteuthis Californian. It is a species of octopus
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