Chapter 5: Earth's Weather

How can we tell what the weather will be like?

Lesson 1 - Earth's Atmosphere

Lesson 2 - Air Currents and Wind

Textbook (pgs. 242-249)

Interactive Online Book (pgs. 102-107)

Reading and Writing Workbook (pgs. 101-104)

Wonderopolis Article "Where Does Wind Come From?"

Study Jams Video & Quiz - Air Pressure and Wind

BrainPop Video - Wind (2:36)

Lesson 3 - Oceans and Air Temperature

Textbook (pgs. 252-259)

Interactive Online Book (pgs. 108-111)

Reading and Writing Workbook (pgs. 105-108)

Wonderopolis Article "What Is El NiƱo?"

BrainPop Video - Ocean Currents (4:12)

Study Jams Video and Quiz - Waves and Currents

Lesson 5 - Predicting the Weather

Review and Assess

Textbook (pgs. 288-291)

Interactive Online Book (pgs. 126-127)

Reading and Writing Workbook (pgs. 121-122)
Interactive Text (Green) Book

Not the actual textbook but covers most all of the same information. Can be used in an when you are in a bind to either take notes or help you with concepts when you forget your regular text at school.

Reading and Writing (Purple) Workbook

Use this in case you misplace your workbook and need to print out the pages at home. *Be sure to only print the pages you need and NOT THE ENTIRE BOOK!