Ross / Ellis Weekly Newsletter

December 4, 2015

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

– Albert Einstein

What Will We Be Learning This Week?


Students have tested this week on long division. This is a concept that will be revisited throughout the year, as it is a difficult concept for students. We will begin our unit on Fractions today. Students should know the definition of a fraction: Part of a whole. We will be creating fraction bars and comparing fractions in the first part of the unit.


We are continuing our unit on Electricity. Students will be reading an article next week titled: “Wired World”. It discusses the beginnings of the Internet and how its rapid growth affects young people around the world. Students will be expected to answer questions in the text as well as think critically about how the internet might change in the coming years.

Language Arts

We will be continuing our guided reading groups, focusing on inferencing and finding textual evidence to support your answers.

The following link is a good YouTube video we used in class on inferencing and textual evidence in case you notice your child struggling with these concepts at home:

Textual Evidence

Social Studies

This week we will be exploring the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.

Odds & Ends


We are revamping our tickets incentives for students in an effort to make it more meaningful, and we could use your help with donations of inexpensive items for the class! As you know, we pass out tickets to students for various reasons, usually including good behavior or effort. Students can then use these tickets to purchase fun things such as homework passes and candy.

We could really use donations of the following items to help us out with this!

  • candy (hard candy, no gum or peanut products)
  • fun erasers
  • fun pencils
  • pencil grips
  • dollar store toys ($1 or under each please)

Thank you!

Upcoming Celebrations

We are beginning to think about upcoming celebrations at in November and December. PLEASE consider lending a helping hand to our Grade Moms as they work hard to plan special events for students. If you are interested in helping out in anyway, please contact Amy Cable at Our students have worked very hard and we look forward to these special events in our classroom.

Upcoming Events

Dec. 8 – PDQ Spirit Night 5-9pm

Dec. 11 – School Dance

Dec.14-17 - Holiday Shop (During Lunch)

Dec. 15 – 6th Grade Play

Dec. 17 - PTO Meeting for Community (6:30pm)

Dec. 21 – No School – Teacher Workday

Dec. 22 – Jan. 3 NO SCHOOL – Holiday

Jan. 4 – Return to School 2016

Jan 12 – PDQ Spirit Night 5-9pm

Jan. 15 – Class Picture Day

Jan. 18 – No School – Teacher Workday

Jan. 19 – No School – Teacher Workday

Jan 22. – Field Trip to Science Center Planetarium

Jan. 25 – Report Cards

Jan. 26 – Jump Rope For Heart 1:30 pm in Gym