Lilly Gonzales

Paris, France

airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver to go to Paris, France. The flight will cost a total of $1375 for two people. We will leave Dever at 8:21am on April16 and then get there at 1:27pm. Then we will leave to go back to Denver on May 15 at 1:05pm then finally get back to Denver at 9:56am.


I will be spending the night at the Saint James Albany hotel spa. The total cost for a night will be $386. This astonishing hotel has a airport shuttle, it's also air conditioned so you'll be comfortable and chilled. Saint James also has internet so you'll never get bored there's also a pool that you can lounge at with friends after a long day of exploring. It also has 4 shiny star rating for their hotel. I believe I made a excellent choice for my hotel!,Paris,France-c36014-h10335-details/2014-04-16/2014-05-15/2guests/#photos


Some fun and cool activities I want to do during my trip to Paris is I want to go to the Eiffel Tower. It will be cool to start from afar to see it and be able to take pictures and learn the history of this beautiful place. Then actully go to it and see the city from all the way at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

I also want to do the hop on hop off bus tour. This is where you hop from bus to bus totally at your own pace so you can explore the city. It's awsome because you can get a 1,2,or 3 day pass and just jump on any of their busses without charge. It's a very cool and different way to explore the city.

The last thing I really want to do is go to the Lido. The Lido is a really cool place to see fun and glamoures shows. There's really fun dances with really cool costumes. It's just a cool place to have fun!

These should be some very fun activities to do while I'm there in Paris! It should be a good time with these activities.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A very common problem in Paris is that lots of people like to steal things from people by pick pocketing. A way you can avoid this is by not riding the Metro as much as possible and keep a sharp eye out. Another problem that happens in Paris is petition scams. How you can make this not happen is by yelling "NON" and they will go away. Also steeling is just pretty common so you need to watch out for people. So in Paris all you really need to do is be aware of your surroundings..


The trip was so fun! Flying was ok it wasn't the best part though but atleast there was an airport shuttle to the hotel. I loved the hotel it was a nice place to relax after all the exploring and wondering we did while there. The activities we did were just amazing it was nice to use public trasportation like the hop on hop off bus tour to go places. We went to the Eiffel Tower and saw the beautiful city from so high up. We also went to the Lido to see the glamorous and fancy shows that they did. So I guess I could say it was a pretty awesome trip!