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What we do!

On the channel Littlevan2003 we do lots of videos! Including, Gaming, GuineaPig, Updates, Channel Review. His channel is run by his crew. We are non-profit and we are saving up for new equipment!


Sorry for all the links to the channel we just want to spread the word!

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Check out this youtube channel link! ( haha the location isnt real! neither is the phone number)

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Caption to the video!

This is the first video we made he introduces himself and stuff! We have a new computer and we play madden 16, minecraft, FNAF, learn to fly, agario, dig to china, magic the gathering, AA, bo2, and gun blood! So we play alot of video games on the channel yet we do do other things (I said do do) on the channel so I hope all of you guys and gals enjoy!