Soules4Souls (Global)

Founded by: Buddy Teaster

What My Individual Has Done to Help the Community

Soles4souls gives shoes to people who can't get shoes because they don't have the money. They also need them to protect their feet from diseases. They also have given shoes to over 19 millions of people in the world.
Soles4Souls:What We Do.

How Did it Help?

Soles4Souls helped people in Kenya because they had these bugs called jiggers and they bit your feet and they would get infected and their toenails might fall off. They have created thousands of jobs in developing countries by supporting Micro-enterprise programs. It also helps people fight diseases that can kill people.
Why Choose Soles4Souls?

Background Information on the Individual

Buddy Teaster has a wife named Becca. They have been married 20 years and since 1992. They have two daughters. He also likes to run. He runs longer then 50/100 miles.

What Can I Do?

I could give stuff to veterans. Get donations for people with cancer. I would love to start a animal rescue center because I love animals. I could even have some friend to help me out. The other thing I could do would be shoveling the sidewalk for the neighbors. also I could walk my neighbors dog for them. I could also clean up trash around my neighborhood.

All About Me

I am 10 years old. I have one sister. I live in Wisconson. I have one cat and 4 fish and I am going to get a dog. My favorite color is neon green. My favorite foods are ribs and pasta.