Reproductive Health

Riley Akright


All women should get a mammogram every 2 years, starting at age 50 to 74. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast, to check for breast cancer. During the mammogram, women's breasts are pressed between 2 plates, which is uncomfortable for a minute, but the pressure only lasts a few seconds. Most breast cancer is genetic.

Pap Smears

Women should get a pap smear starting at the age of 21 or when you start being sexually active. You should get one at least every 3 years. It screens for cervical cancer. You can get cervical cancer by being sexually active with someone who has HPV. This cancer is quiet common so if you get tested regularly, you can usually catch it in time.

Testicular Exams

Men should get a testicular exam starting in teenage years, but even baby boys should get checked throughout life. They look for irregular bumps, tenderness, or changes in size.

Prostate Exam

Men should get the prostate exam done starting at age 50, or younger if needed,. The prostate is an internal organ, so your doctor cant look at it directly. The doctor can reach it through the rectum, which is very uncomfortable.