The Mythbusters

My Personal Hero(s)

Definition of Hero to Me

Someone who does something to impact another's life in a good way.

Who are they?

Adam (left) & Jamie (right) are the Mythbusters. They bust common urban legends (such as: Can you make a plane fly an a treadmill?) using the powers of SCIENCE! The myths range from simple to BIG EXPLOSIONS AND GUNS! Not much Is known about Jamie, but Adam has a wife and kids! What's sad is that their show is ending soon. Watch them on discover channel!

How do I know them?

I went to one of their on stage shows in Green Bay. My dad got backstage passes, and after the show, I got to take a picture with them!


CONFIRMED to be a hit!

Why are they my heroes?

Well, for one, guns and explosions. Every kid love's 'em. Secondly, they make science FUN! Of course you have your mandatory lecture of how things works, but Who knew that going down to far underwater could make your organs float up to your diver helmet? That maybe a little dark now that a think about it, but you catch my drift. These guys are entertaining, and smart at the same time.