Crazy people


I feel as if the Milgram test showed how brutal humans can be without them even noticing it. I also believe that people will do whatever other people say as long as they feel they won’t get in trouble. As an example in the report one person kept going just because they said they would be responsible for it. Who knew if he was telling the truth or not and they believed it and just went for it. In the Stanford prison experiment it showed that if given power most humans will abuse it. In the experiment at first it felt as if they were playing and then after a while it was embarrassing and more like torture. The atmosphere was intense pretty much sucking everybody in it. Then Abu Ghraib was like Stanford except more real and more terrifying. Pretty much they would torture people and make people go crazy. I believe that O’Brian was not a victim because you should be able to make your own decisions and think that torturing people isn’t a good thing. It’s not normal anywhere to torture humans into believing things that they don’t want to.