FCGP Australia

January 2016 Update

January Snapshot

Welcome to the inagural edition of "Aussie Fusion" Supplier Newsletter. We are hoping to keep you - our valued suppliers abreast of the current trends in our marketplace. Sales into Australia are growing organically with demand exceeding supply over the Christmas months. The traditional Flight Centre "World Travel Expo's" have kicked off with Townsville, Hobart, Sydney and Mackay already completed. Upcoming is Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth so looking forward to some excellent domestic sales being generated from these events.

The Aussie Fusion Development team are all working on our preparation for our major product conference for the year. The Flight Centre Travel Group Product Experience Conference (also known as PEC) kicks off on Super Bowl Sunday in New Orleans and will be hosted by Brand USA. Watch out for the Kangaroos to hit Mardi Gras! This conference will form the basis for our year addressing our key strategies to make the 1617 travel year a success.

Look forward to seeing you around the traps soon.

Tracey Thallon

Destination Leader - Australia

Top 5 regions of growth for the month!

(Based on bookings made in Jan)

Islands and Whitsundays - Up 14.3%

Tasmania - Up 12.1%

Broome - Up 31%

Top End - Up 8.6%

Margaret River - Up 37.3%


VCC - Virtual Credit Card

Did you know we can now facilitate VCC for static rates in addition to our invoice payment methods? Main benefits to you:
- Easy to sign up and use
- Funds available quicker than invoicing
- No development required

- Can be used for hotels and touring partners

Contact your Product Manager if you haven't set this up already!

Dynamic Contracting

Another exciting development - we now have the ability to contract dynamic rates with hotel partners via a channel manager. This means in addition to our contracted static wholesale rates, we can also sell your dynamic rates and inventory. For more information contact your Product Manager who can discuss the process and answer any queries you may have.

Meanwhile in the UK...

Our friends over in London have been busy putting together their own content, gathered from fam trips and provided by suppliers. Have a look at their You Tube channel, and if you have some great video content to contribute, please feel free to share this with Becky (Becky.Greaves@flightcentre.co.uk).


Procurement Team Contact List

Destination Leader: Tracey Thallon

Ph + 61 439 729 024 – tracey_thallon@flightcentre.com

Team Leader: Michelle Sawtell

Ph + 61 7 3181 9516 – michelle_sawtell@flightcentre.com

Destinations - Victoria, Tasmania

Angela Sweeney – Ph +61 7 3181 9583 – angela_sweeney@flightcentre.com

New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory

Coordinator: Luke Hansell - 07 3181 9519 - luke_hansell@flightcentre.com

Pat Eastman – Ph +61 7 3181 9517 – pat_eastman@flightcentre.com

Gold Coast, Norfolk & Lord Howe, QLD Islands & Whitsundays

Hayley Giles – Ph + 61 7 3181 9520 – hayley_giles@flightcentre.com

Tropical North Queensland, Western Australia, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Queensland's Outback

Coordinator: Vanessa Massey - 07 3181 9522 - vanessa_massey@flightcentre.com