Fullmetal Alchemist Dual Sympathy

The Ultimate Secrets

Secret Alchemy books

Kimblee or Marcoh- play as any other character then Ed, Al, or Scar or Izumi and move to the 2nd trap in 5th lab. a transmutation circle appears and opens a door. You now have the Kimblee book that emits explosion, but if you are Edward or Alphonse, you get Marcoh which heals you. This only works in Character Mode!

Secret Hiromu Arakawa Alchemy spot

Cornello's palace 2 Ishbal Massacre only as Edward. find the real sleeping cow next to a barrel. Do not destroy the barrel but feel free to kill the chimeras. Quickly move in between the two things, and the enemies can not see you. suddenly they move toward the cow and sit there, but you can not be attacked or damaged. take out all 8 enemies easy with this invincibility Alchemy. The smart thing to do first though is to lure all the enemies to the corner to the left of the room except for any chimeras so that they do not discover the barrel and destroy it and eliminate 5 enemies at a time. Practice to master this unwritten alchemy!

Silver watches

When you beat Easy and Hard mode with a character in Character Mode, you get a silver watch. Collect them all for a big surprise! This includes beating Dante in Easy and Hard Story mode. Tough!

Fortune Teller

The faster you press stop, the more likely it is to get Ed or Good Luck.

Bosses made Easy

Greed 1: keep shooting cannon.

Wrath: use Mustangs Alchemy.

Pride: Easy. use a bunch of Kimblee!

Bald: lure him to a corner and keep punching.

How to find whack a homonculus

Go to the very bottom of the forest and keep moving right. Ta Da! There it is!

Hard Mode Dante and Hard Mode Mustang vs. Pride!

Dante: This boss is IMPOSSIBLE without Marcoh and Kimblee! Here is how to Evade all of Dante's attacks in Hard Mode.

1. Double Lv.1 Chimeras:

simply beat them without alchemy.

2. Jumping fire:

Before she attacks, run to the left side of the room and jump.

3. Guns:

Jump on them.

4. Rocks:


5. Level 3 Chimera (HARD MODE VERSION):

Perform Level 3 Kimblee. Then keep punching without getting smoked!

Hint: Use Marcoh when you are desperate! Guns are a good time to fill up!

Pride: This boss is easier. Keep using walls till he Jumps in the air. then punch him and THEN alchemy. Take advantage to when he has dropped his guard!