Thermal Pollution

by Sarah and Gabby

What is thermal pollution?

Thermal pollution occurs when the temperature of a natural body of water changes.

Where does thermal pollution come from?

Many different factors contribute to thermal pollution. Deforestation and urbanization can cause the temperature of a body of water to change. For example, there is a nuclear power plant station named Indian point on the Hudson River. The plant uses the water and then releases it back into the river. When it goes back into the river it is little bit warmer which can eventually cause the river temperature to change a little.

What is the impact of thermal pollution on the environment/organisms?

Many different things can happen to the environment when thermal pollution occurs. For example, migration can occur and the organisms living in the area leave. Other effects of thermal pollution are a loss in biodiversity, an increase in toxins and a decrease in dissolved oxygen levels.

What are some possible solutions to the problem?

Possible solutions to thermal pollution:

  1. Adding heat
  2. Adding cold
  3. Altering the water course