Navy Blue Suits

navy blue suits for mens

The Navy Blue Suit - Formal and Fitting

Any dark blue suits aren't navy blue suits. Navy blue suits normally may be distinguished on the idea of a deep, almost midnight colour. While different darkish blue suits are primarily meant for casual wear, navy blue suits are more versatile and universally accepted.

To quote an example, navy blue suits will be every elegant choices for casual occasions. Simply pair the jacket of the navy blue suit with slacks of a lighter color, and the outfit turns into apt for an off-the-cuff, relaxed occasion. As an outfit to be worn as formalwear, the navy blue suit will be worn for occasions that demand a gown code as much as the level of black tie optional. On such events, ensure that you pair the navy blue suit with a conservative tie and a crisp, white business shirt. If you wish to gown it up additional, opt for massive cuffs, an excessive collar and quality pearl buttons. Nonetheless, the simplicity of the suit is its prime characteristic. Thus, avoid wearing flashy accessories that detract from the understated class of the suit.

A solid colored navy blue suit is extra versatile and popular. However, some businessmen additionally wear pinstriped navy blue suits. These are acceptable for enterprise wear, as long as the pinstripes are conservative and modest enough. Nonetheless, the lesser the patterns on a suit, the more formal it's thought of to be. Until you have got many suits in your wardrobe, we advocate that you simply go for the tried and tested, plain coloured navy blue suit.

Navy blue suits emphasise the wearer's form more than other lighter colored suits. Hence, be certain that the suit matches snugly and stays close to the body. It should enable freedom of movement, without pinching the body.

All the time verify the shoulders and sides of the jacket and likewise the space between the waistband and the crotch of the trousers. If they've extra cloth they could sag and appear clumsy, whereas additionally being uncomfortable. Additionally test the neck size. It's best to be capable to fit one finger between your collar and your neck when your shirt is totally buttoned. This indicates an ideal fit.

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