Richmond Elementary February Update

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

The Law of Beliefs

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Believe in Setting Goals

Sparsh Shah faced many problems; in this clip we see him using four simple steps to own them and change Impossible to I'm Possible. Step One: Find Your Passion. Step Two: Never Hold Yourself Back. Step Three: Help Others. Step Four: Dream Big. What is your ultimate goal? Remember, If We Believe It, We Can Achieve It. In the article Setting Goals, authors encourage parents to help their children believe in themselves and their ability to achieve. Parents can support children in this process by following these steps: pick a goal, map the steps in achieving the goal, do the actions involved in achieving the goal with focused intent, own the responsibility for reaching the goal, and celebrate the achievement of the goal.

From the Office...

  • Please remember to save Box Tops for Education, Richmond Food Pride receipts, and Teal's receipts. Richmond Elementary School received a check for $1000 from Richmond Food Pride!! Your efforts are certainly appreciated!!
  • Also, a reminder to call or email when students will be tardy or absent, then to sign them in or out when picking up early or dropping off late.

  • District policy states that when your child is out of school for three days due to illness, a doctor's note is required to return. We want to be certain your child is in good health to return to school.

  • Regarding outside play, our goal is to encourage ALL students to get outside through most of Minnesota's wintery weather. However, there will be times to keep students inside at PE, recess or before school. Here is a general reminder of our guidelines: Stay in if: Temperature in 0 or below, Wind chill of -10 or below, Accumulation of rain or sleet.

Title One Services


If you recently received a letter welcoming your child to Title, please join us for an information meeting at CSE on February 5th from 6:00-6:30. This is a great opportunity for parents to meet their child's intervention teacher and get information on how services are provided at each of the buildings. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Suzanne Schlangen -320-597-2016 #1111 or

I look forward to meeting and working with you! Information on our upcoming Reading Family Night in March will be coming home in the next month!

Suzanne Schlangen
Interventionalist Rocori Schools

Upcoming important dates

January 29- February 2: Winter Wonderland Week

February 2: Winter Wonderland Carnival from 6:00-7:30

February 15: No School Staff Development Day

February 16, 19: Presidents' Day No School

February 20: PTC Meeting 6:00 PM Staff Lounge

February 27: Kindergarten Roundup

March 9: Three Hour Early Dismissal

March 12, 13, 15: Elementary Conferences

March 16: Richmond, Cold Spring, Rockville Only No School

March 20: Richmond Spring Music Concert 6:30 PM Richmond Elementary Gymnasium


Meeting Dates (6pm Staff Lounge):

February 20, March 22, April 19


January 29- February 2: Winter Wonderland Week

February 2: Winter Carnival at Richmond Elementary 6:00- 7:30 PM

March 20: Spring Music Program 6:30; cookies and juice provided immediately after

April 28: Richmond Elementary Color Run at Centennial Park

May 17: Spring Family Picnic at Lions Park 5pm

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Richmond Recognition

To the Richmond PTC, thank you for organizing Winter Wonderland Week here at Richmond Elementary! I am eagerly anticipating the Winter Carnival this Friday! Thanks to all of you for gathering our community together, making a difference today to create a better tomorrow!

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Reading: Our World's Best Workforce Goal

As we continue to focus on our World's Best Workforce reading goals, we emphasize non-fiction text. THIEVES is a Close Reading strategy that assists students in an in-depth preview of non-fiction text. The goal of THIEVES is for our students to identify a purpose with confident independence after guided practice with an adult. For further information, please access this link:

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