My College Plan

By Michael Reha


My job will be a Computer Programmer for Valve where I'll learn a lot more about making video games and hopefully soon after I'll be able to make my own, and then at that point I would continue to gather friends and trusted people to create a company. If my certain plan didn't work so much, I would stay in Valve possibly trying to be a better and better employee.

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For College, I will be going to Texas A&M to get a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Programming for Applications & Video Games, this was also because Texas A&M is located in Texas where I live so most of the payments I will be making are a lot less because I live in Texas, lastly Texas A&M suits me because I am smart and since the amount of people in Texas A&M are not as high as other colleges, I will be inside of a college that suits my ability. The tuition I will have to pay for joining Texas A&M International University is a total of 14,016 which I will pay over the course of 10 years with an interest rate of 4.6%, which will require me to pay $145.94 after the 2 year deferment that I will have to use, then I will pay each month until the end of those 10 years.
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I will be buying a 2003 Chrysler that is $995 which I will be paying over 48 months with a monthly payment of $22.02 and 3% unit rate, this car will be easy for me to have because of the low price and the fact that it isn't a van that is used to hold a lot of people because I will try my best to not have kids for a while until I know that I am set and I can loose all the money I need to for them.
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The Address of the house will be 4577 Santa Anita Loop, Laredo, Texas 78046 and It's in Laredo because Texas A&M International University is located in Laredo and there is an International Airport in Laredo which will aid me when family comes down to visit or I want to visit them or go on a vacation. The cost of the house is $49,000 which I will be paying over 20 years with an interest rate of 3.25% which will cost me $277.93 every month until those 20 years are over.
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After paying for all of the percentages that were preset for me, I had to find out the monthly tuition, car payment, and mortgage payment which after paying for all of that I still have $2421.48. which I will save to pay for any special things that I'd like to do, or any bills I need to pay.
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What was your biggest learning experience throughout this project? Why?

I learned about paying when it comes to houses and cars and the uses of those payment options. I learned how you could straight up pay the full amount for each or you could pay for the item overtime. I learned how different companies can offer you different interest rates along with different amounts of years. I especially learned how choosing different jobs can affect how you live and when you can buy things and just how long I can pay overtime.

What adjustments did you have to make throughout the project to stay within budget and why?

I could’ve bought the car with the rest of the money I had but I thought the bills I might have might be a little more important so I chose to pay overtime. There also were a few houses I could’ve paid a lot quicker but I realized that if I chose those it would’ve been stressful because the houses were run down and messed up. I also don’t want to live in an area where the crime rate is too large.

How does this compare your initial ideas of beginning adulthood?

I didn’t know much, but all I really knew was college and the things I needed but I had no idea about interest rates or tuition.