Room 212 News #16

January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

The Scrap Box visiting Tuesday

First graders are having an "in-school" field trip on Tuesday! We will be crafting and constructing from 10:00-10:45 with folks from The Scrap Box. The theme of this session will be Pets and Wild Animals. Feel free to join us if you are available!

Upcoming Field Trips

On February 10, all Bryant first graders will visit the Wild Swan theater to see a performance of "Drum Me a Story - African Tales." We won't be taking chaperones on this trip due to limited seating. PTO is covering the cost of the tickets - thank you PTO!

On February 24, our class is visiting Kensington Metropark. This is the environmental education trip that all first grade classes in the district attend. We will need chaperones for this field trip. The trip is from 9:30-2:30 and we spend most of the day outside. This field trip is typically only canceled if temperature or wind chill is below zero.

Your student brought home a highlighted story about Martin Luther King in their blue folder before break. We'll be performing this piece (or sharing a video performance) for the MLK assembly on January 15 at 9:20. You are welcome to attend this assembly.

Please have your child practice the highlighted portions over the next few weeks.

Brrrr... Winter Gear

Please put names/initials in or on all winter gear. Students go outside unless the actual temperature or wind chill is zero or below. A doctor's note is required to stay indoors during recess.

NWEA winter testing

We have our NWEA reading test on Wednesday morning. This is an adaptive test that students take on the computer. Your child's fall scores were included in the November report card.

Bryant-Pattengill PTO website

Check it out! Lots of information, including important dates and Thursday Notes.

Classroom Needs

Due to the many generous donations of supplies, our classroom has been well-stocked throughout the fall. We will soon need more tissues, hand sanitizer and name-brand pencils (such as Ticonderoga). Thank you!

Introducing the "Sharing Bag"

Students will come home about once every two-three weeks with a "sharing bag" in their backpack. S/he should select something to share with the class the following day.

Some guidelines:

  • The item should not be of great sentimental or monetary value.
  • The item should not be electronic.
  • The item should not be related to violence (toy gun).

Some suggestions:

  • Students can bring in a piece of art, writing, or a book.
  • Students can teach the class something instead of bringing an object. For example, a joke, a word in another language, a movement, or physical skill. In this case, just put a note in the bag so I can help the student remember what h/she wanted to share.
  • Students can bring in 3 clues and allow the class to guess the object.

The student with the sharing bag will have a few minutes to tell about the object. The class will ask 3 questions using Who, What, Where, When, Why.

The bag in your child's backpack serves as the reminder that his/her turn has arrived. This is a great way to encourage the practice of having your student empty the backpack each night - looking for papers, folders, wet gloves, old snacks...and the sharing bag.

We look forward to learning more about our classmates through the "sharing bag!"

Dates to Remember:

  • 1/5 NWEA winter testing begins
  • 1/15 9:20am MLK assembly at Bryant
  • 1/18 No School for MLK day