Human Rights in the Netherlands

By Landri Pool

Human Rights

Concerns persist about lengthy immigration detention, including of unaccompanied migrant children and families with children, in poor conditions. Since June 2013, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children are processed under an accelerated procedure, and those over 16 whose applications are rejected are subject to removal. In September 2013 the Dutch government began returning failed Somali asylum seekers to Mogadishu; in November a Somali man was injured in a blast in Mogadishu three days after his deportation. Parliament adopted a law eliminating the sex reassignment surgery requirement for transgender people wanting new identification documents.

Violations in the Netherlands

Controlling Bodies, Denying Identities: Human Rights Violations Against Trans People in the Netherlands,”documents the impact of a 1985 law, article 28 of the civil code, on the daily life of transgender people. The requirements violate transgender people’s rights to personal autonomy and physical integrity, and deny them the ability to define their own gender identity, Human Rights Watch said. The law should be amended to respect transgender people’s human rights by separating medical and legal questions for transgender people. Legal recognition of their gender identity should not be made conditional on any form of medical intervention, Human Rights Watch said.

Will the human rights get better?

I think that the human rights will get better with time and be much more planed coming to violence. But when the time come people will be punished if they are disobeying the laws there by transgender, till the time comes let there be hope.