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November 15, 2019

Outward Bound

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Shepaug’s Fall play is a tall tale that takes place aboard a drifting, ghostly ocean liner. Filled with humor, wit, and large questions about the afterlife, the seafaring troupe is a uniquely comic story with thrills, twists, turns and exciting clashes of character.

The cast and crew have been working tirelessly to bring the period piece to the stage. Originally written in 1923, Sutton Vane’s self-produced story was a surprise hit. The original financiers were fearful of the mix of darkly magical elements along with realistic human drama. But Vane persisted, trusting his instincts that audiences would be fascinated by the plot and the way each character's life is transformed and altered by the weird series of events that flips their notions of life and death after they appear on the mysterious cruise.

The production features nine cast members from grades nine through twelve. The team behind and in front of the curtain are a talented group and are delighted to bring you this fantastical story.

Outward Bound will be performed Friday, November 22nd and 23rd at 7pm & November 24th at 3pm.

Celebration of Young Photographers

   Ryan Sarbello- grade 10                    Grey Pomeroy- grade 8 (2 photos selected)                       “Bursting With Intensity”

Bursting With Intensity by Ryan Sarbello

Shepaug students had seven works selected to be exhibited at ASAP!’s 9th Annual Young Photographers Celebration. Students in Grades 6-12 were invited to submit two photographs based on this year’s theme, Current Mood.

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Grounded by Lane Faison

ASAP! received over 400 submissions from 52 schools across the state. A panel of professional photographers selected 60 photos to be included in this unique exhibition at Bryan Memorial Town Hall in Washington Depot, CT on November 17th, 2019 from 2 - 4pm.

An exhibition will follow for two weeks at The Judy Black Gallery.

Congratulations for representing Shepaug so well!

Student Voice at the Elementary Schools

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Energized and eager to make a difference, Student Councils are up and running at each elementary school. Each council varies in membership but embraces the same purpose to serve the school community. The team of students generates ways to support school spirit and to engage in service-learning activities such as food and clothing drives.

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Student Councils are also a catalyst to transform student voice into positive change within the school environment. Student Councils are an excellent way to develop leadership and organizational skills, and to promote another centered perspective.

The Spartan Club

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Members of Shepaug Valley School's Spartan Club visited Booth Free School on Friday, November 8th. This was an especially exciting experience for these particular Spartan Club members as they were once Booth Free students!

Jayden Cornwall (Grade 12), Gabriel Taranto (Grade 12), Eilish Crossley (Grade 11), William Cario (Grade 11), Abigail Harty (Grade 11), and Luke Schneider (Grade 10) returned to their elementary school to eat lunch and to participate in recess activities. Spartan Club members shared their experiences with Booth Free students and answered specific questions about Shepaug.

The Spartan Club will be visiting Burnham School next week and Washington Primary School in December.

Senior Project: Homecoming Dance

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Devon O’Dwyer held this year’s Homecoming Dance on Friday, November 8 as part of her senior project. Over 100 high school students attended, and the dance floor was packed for hours. The success of the event helped Devon raise $900 for pediatric cancer research. Music services were provided by Marc Genua and Skylar Soletsky, and lighting was provided by Oscar Cespedes.

How Can We Change the World

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What is a stereotype? This was the central message presented by Paul Vivian and Dr. Audley Donaldson during their visit with fourth and fifth-grade students at Washington Primary School, Booth Free School and Burnham School on Tuesday the 12th. Through a diversity presentation, students learned that stereotypes are judgments based on differences.

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Differences can be visible like the way someone looks or invisible, like with someone’s feelings, interests, or disability. Students learned that humans are like icebergs. We often only see the tip of the iceberg and may make judgments on what we see. In order to make a change, we each have to look deeper into a person. We must get to know one another below the surface by asking questions, listening, and learning about one another. In this way, we are creating an atmosphere of respect for one another’s differences.

Recognizing that stereotypes are often inaccurate is the cornerstone for changing the way we interact with others. Creating a climate of acceptance directly supports the social learning programs in the elementary schools. This visit was one of three visits planned this year with Mr. Vivian and Dr. Donaldson.

Alumni Appreciation

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Former Shepaug Spartan Haley Pesce of Roxbury was named to the field hockey Academic All-Conference team. For the third year in a row, Pesce is a starting sweeper for Babson College and is a major player on a defense that ranks first in the league.

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Shepaug is proud of Henry Roush from the Class of 2020. Henry was sworn into the Air Force Air Transport unit to serve in the Connecticut Air National Guard. This summer, Henry will attend basic training before heading to Technical School.

Flyers & Upcoming Events

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As part of Clinton Clady's senior project, Helping Veterans, He will be hosting two coat drives. The first one will take place from November 18 and run to November 26. The second one will run from December 9 to December 20. There will be a collection box located outside of the main office at Shepaug. Please bring in your clean, gently used or new adult size coat to help out the veterans.

Please contact Clinton at with any questions you may have.

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Order Your Yearbook

Place an order for your yearbook today and preserve memories that will last a lifetime!


Click on link and search for Yearbook by CT and Washington.

Select Middle Grades or Grades 9-12 Yearbook.

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Region 12 Calendar

Nov 15: Middle School Social, SVS, 2:30pm-7pm

Nov 16: Debate Team, SVS, 7:30am-6pm

Nov 18: Building Committee Mtg, SVS, 4:30pm

Nov 18: BOE Curriculum/Educational Programming Mtg, SVS, 6:30pm

Nov 18: BOE Meeting, SVS, 7pm

Nov 20: Parent Visitation Day, Burnham, BFS (all day)

Nov 20: School Picture Retakes, WPS

Nov 22-24: Outward Bound, SVS

Nov 27- 29: Thanksgiving Break

Dec 2: Building Committee Mtg, SVS, 4:30pm

Dec 2: BOE Finance & Operations Committee Mtg, SVS, 6:30pm

Dec 5: Holiday Bazaar, SVS, 5:30pm

Dec 5: Middle School Concert, SVS, 7pm

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