Still Life

Week 2 Assignment


This week your assignment will focus on setting up objects to create a still life. A still life is defined as an arrangement of objects, typically including fruit and flowers and adding additional objects that contract with these in texture, such as bowls and glassware.

Still Life Technical Project: Controlled Lighting

The objective of this project is to consider composition and experiment with light. You can use direct light or you can put something in front of the light bulb to "diffuse" it like a piece of white paper or wax paper. In the image below the photographer is using diffused light. You can see that he taped a piece of white paper in front of the light bulb to make the light softer. If you do this be VERY CAREFUL that you don't set the paper on fire because light bulbs can get very hot!
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Experiment with Different Set Ups

Create at least 5 different still life set ups and photograph them from all angles. Make one with only white objects and one with only black objects. Play around with the light. Try front, side and back light. Trying lighting it from above or below. Photograph it up close and from farther away.

Shoot at least 5 different still life set ups

Put your thumbnails onto one document in word or google docs (or Photoshop, GIMP or another editing program). Pick your three favorite images to turn in for your final project. Upload the thumbnails and the three images to the dropbox. See more examples below. Assignment due in dropbox by Sunday, February 7th at midnight.
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Assignment Checklist

  1. Do you have multiple objects in each still life set up?
  2. Did you move the light around and photograph it from different angles?
  3. Did you photograph at least 5 different still life set ups?
  4. Did you put at least 5 thumbnail images of your set ups into one document?
  5. Did you upload the thumbnail document and 3 of your favorite still life images to the dropbox?
  6. Did you ask questions if you are confused?
  7. Did you get creative and have fun with the project? :)
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