R.A Dickey

World's Greatest Knuckleballer

R.A's life

R.A had a hard life. His parents got married just because his mom was pregnant and they later were divorced. R.A lived with his mother. His mother drank a lot. She played softball. R.A stands for Robert Allen. His mom worked at a bar, every day she would have to bring R.A and his brother and sister. R.A's family wasn't rich but they weren't very poor. They still got food and the clothes they needed.

summary 4-23-13

R.A was grateful for what he had. His mom's car would always break down. One day R.A decided to go live with his dad. His mom didn't care she just let him go. When R.A was in the car all he could hear was sobbing, it was his mom. Once R.A got there his dad introduced him to his wife. R.A went to a new school called MBA. R.A played baseball basketball and football, and that school supported those sports.

summary 4-24-13

R.A played baseball and football there. His Uncle recommended that school.The school was in Elm hills. His dad lived on the other side of town. One night R.A didn't want to drive back to his dad's house, so he drove around Elm hills, and then he came across something. It was a house for rent. Nobody was in the house. He thought about smashing the window. He didn't he went around the back and the key was in a plant pot, that was his key in.

summary 4-25-13

R.A slept in many other vacant and non vacant houses. R.A met some football stars for example Peyton Manning and others. R.A's team made it to the college world series. His coach pulled him out in the bottom of the seventh. R.A refused to stop pitching. His coach argued with him. Finally he let R.A pitch. They had the same argument the next time. R.A finished the game off, later he found out that he threw 189 pitches.

Summary 4-29-13

R.A was offered 800,000 dollars by the rangers. The Rangers picked Dickey in the first round. They wanted an exam done to make sure nothing was wrong. R.A flew down to florida. The Rangers got R.A the best doctor. The doctor had to make sure everything was not damaged or hurt. Then the doctor told R.A some bad news. It was that R.A had no ULC. R.A was furious, he knew at that moment the Rangers were going to retract the offer.

Summary 4-30-13

The Rangers offered R.A another offer of 75,000 dollars. His buddy told R.A to accept it. He did. R.A got married to Anne. R.A got sent down to the minor leagues. He lost some money. Anne was pregnant and money was tight. R.A had been in those situations before. Once the longer rosters came in R.A thought he would be back in the bigs, but it didn't happen.

summary 5-1-13

R.A's pitching coach was talking to R.A. He said that R.A had to come back as a knuckleballer. R.A had killed his fastball. It used to top at about 92 93 miles per hours. Now it dropped to low eighties. His pitching coach said it's either the knuckleball or no spot in the big leagues. R.A had no idea how to through a knuckelball. Luckily there was some one who could help him.

Summary 5-2-13

Charlie Hough was the man. Charlie said if you want to work on your knuckleball carry a ball all the time. Also when you have free time go to the gym and throw the knuckle at the wall. R.A listened, whenever he was going some where he always had a ball. R.A went to the gym a lot. He pitched to a friend of his. Finally after all his work the rangers brought him back up to the bigs.

Summary 5-20-13

A lot of teams were interested in R.A. The Twins, the Mariners and the Mets. R.A got flipped between those teams. After a while he got traded to the Mets. He got his first start. R.A did well. Another start didn't go so well. He let up 6 home runs. Also another start he came off the mound going for a ball and fell, and tore a tendon in his leg. He insisted that he was fine.

Summary 5-21-13

R.A got another start. They were playing the Rangers. R.A had a good game but his coach pulled him out. The other guy did a good job but the game was back and forth. Everybody was in pins and needles mode but finally one of R.A's teammates hit a three run homerun. That took everybody into relaxation mode. The game ended the Met's won. R.A got his 20th win he was eligible for the Cy Young Award but there were other people that were eligible to.

Summary 5-22-13

R.A had the chance of winning the Cy Young Award, but the National's Gio Gonzalaz also had a chance of winning it. Camras were set up at their houses to see the reactions. R.A's family was watching sportscenter with R.A. They announced the winner after the championships which the giants won. "And the Cy Young Award winner is R.A Dickey!".

Summary 5-23-13

R.A had just won the Cy Yong Award. Everybody was so happy. They were cheering and jumping around. The news crew came in and they talked to R.A. It showed him and Gio Gonzalaz on the news. Gio was mad and frustrated. R.A enjoyed the moment. He was so happy that he won his first Cy Young Award.