CHES Staff Notes

Sept. 7-11

Hello Incredible CHES Staff- I hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend! I know everyone deserved some extra time with family and friends!

Leader In Me & the 7 Habits

This week we are focusing on Accountability for our Choices as part of Habit 1- Be Proactive. Oh my, is this a challenge for so many of our students? Taking responsibility and being held accountable can also be a challenge for us as adult leaders as well. Remember, our training encouraged us to have an accountability partner to help and guide us with our decisions, actions, and attitudes. Most often we think of accountability when we think of goal setting and beginning with the end in mind. However, our training also had us reflect on our accountability in being proactive. So, as we tell our students- I am in charge of me! That means I am accountable for my choices, actions, and attitude. Made me think, I may need to reconnect with my accountability partners???

Instructional Practice Focus of the week: Intentional Focus of Time Management

As a teacher we never feel like we have enough of it! We ask ourselves- “Where did the time go?” or “How will I get it all in with the limited time?” There is extensive talk about effective use of time in our lesson framework. Effective use of time is an essential part of every aspect of our school- transportation, lunch, and instruction. We have committed additional time to provide for an hour each day for teams to plan. This means this year we have been very intentional with our time for each content area. I even talked about our recess time to include transportation to allow for instructional minutes! Please refer back to the master schedule which is very detailed and specific to instructional requirements. I am asking everyone to be mindful this week (after Tuesday) of things that interrupt or delay instruction. Please note the beginning time for instruction each morning- how do your morning routines allow for instruction/morning meeting at 7:50? Look at the return time from recess! Note the time used at the restroom! We will be completing a time audit in which we will look at all of these things across our building, so I wanted to give everyone a heads up and ask you to reflect on this for your classroom! (Yes, I know Literacy Day is using instructional time in a different manner! However, it is providing foundation for literacy skills. :))

Beginning with the End in Mind: Our Week at a Glance

Let’s begin with the end in mind and make this an incredible week of learning!!!


Sept. 7

Labor Day!

No school!

Tuesday, Sept. 8

Day One of our Attendance Month!!

Yellow Creek Cross Country Meet


We will meet in the media center promptly at 2:45 for a webinar on the science pilot program, STEMscopes. You will just need something to write on.


Sept. 9

Running Club for 3-5


Sept. 10

Stacy will be out beginning at 12:30 for principal’s meeting


Sept. 11

Grandparent Breakfast begins at 6:50

Sharpen the Saw


Sept. 12

Lanham Brother’s Jamboree- CHES is invited to a special evening of fun! Our PTO will receive part of the proceeds from the night, so we want to encourage our families and staff to participate in this night of music, dance, laughs, and fun! Staff members are invited to bring their family and be part of the show! Please check your family schedule and plan to join in the fun!!!!