Logan Cormier


Very thin layer of permafrost on the ground. Very short winters an a very long long winter. Plants can't break the surface of the permafrost.

The Tundra

Location of most Tundra's

Northern America, around Greenland, Northern Europe, and Northern Asia. These are the places you would most likely to find the tundra.

Birds of tundra

Gyrfalcons, Rock Ptarmigan, Ruddy Turnstone, Snow Bunting, Snow Owl, Tundra Swan, etc. Some of the birds you would find in the Tundra.

Mammals of tundra

Arctic Fox, Caribou, Musk Ox, Norway Lemming, Polar Bear, Sled Dogs, etc. Are the mammals you can find in this Tundra.

Vegetation of Tundra

lichens, mosses, sedges, perennial forbs, and dwarfed shrubs. Some of the plants you could find if your in the right spot.

Soil of Tundra

No true soil is developed in this biome. Look at the picture you can tell there is no true soil.

fun fact

Did you know that the arctic tundra is the youngest biome. It was formed over 10,000 years ago. It was also located at 55° to 70° latitude north.

What Tundra comes from

Tundra come from the Finnish word "tunturia" which means barren land. The ground is permanently frozen 10 in. to 3 feet down so that trees can't grow their.The bare and sometimes rocky ground can only support low growing plants like mosses, heaths, and lichen.