Mrs. Johnson's Newsletter

October 22nd

Happy Weekend!

Hello Second Grade Families!

Thank you for your patience with the newsletter. It has been a busy few weeks to say the least!

Thank you also to everyone who met with me for conferences. It was great to be able to discuss your child and their progress in second grade.

Finally, thank you to everyone who made my final week so special. From flowers, to cards, to art work for my new office, I am truly humbled by your generosity and appreciative of the your support as I make this transition. I am so thankful for the time we have had together and blessed to have had the privilege of teaching your children. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

RosaLeigh Johnson

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Transition Plan

I want to let everyone know that after several rounds of interviews, Mrs. Thomas has recommended a candidate to fill my position. Until everything with this individual is finalized, the classroom will have a substitute named Mrs. Virgin. Mrs. Virgin has met with me several times to go over the classroom plan for the next 2-3 weeks. I am trying to keep everything as consistent as possible for the time that she is in the room. Once the permanent teacher officially begins, I will come back and meet with her in order to fill her in on your child's specific needs and progress as well as the current classroom procedures in place. Although I do not know any specifics about this candidate, I have heard very great things! Thank you again for your patience and understanding!

Halloween Party

The Halloween Party will take place on Friday, November 28th from 2:30-3:30 in the classroom. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to donate food, materials or time. If someone is still looking for a way to help, we are still in need of a cheese and cracker tray and forks. Thank you!

During the party, students will be able to freely float from one center to the next. There will be games, snacks, crafts and a story station. I do already know that the substitute, Mrs. Virgin, will not be in our classroom on this day due to a different obligation. Therefore, there will be a different sub in the room. I am so thankful we have such great parent support to allow the party to run smoothly, regardless of what teacher is the room. Parents, Aprille Edgar and Heather Hamilton, know the details of the party and will serve as the point people during the party.

One other important thing to know is that students should not wear their costumes to school, but instead bring them. Immediately following lunch, they will change and prepare for the parade at 1:30. This only allows 15 minutes to get ready. If there are parents that would like to come right after lunch (1:15) to help students get in their costumes, that would be greatly appreciated. Most costumes should be able to go right over their clothes to allow for a quick change right in the classroom.

You will be able to sign your student out in the classroom and take them home immediately following the party if you want. Please just be sure to sign out!

Thank you everyone for your help making the party a blast for the kids! :)

Class Dojo

I want to apologize for not being consistent with Class Dojo points the past few weeks. The substitute, Mrs. Virgin, may or may not use the points. I did show her how, but it does take a lot to keep up with it. If she does continue the point system, she will probably start out by assigning students with 4 or 5 points, and then only take them away if necessary. If she does not use this system, she will inform you of any issues using the 'think sheet'.

I will discuss Class Dojo with the new teacher and she will let you know if this is something she plans to continue.


Students have continued to learn how to add 3-digit numbers. For the past few weeks, they have been adding numbers that require regrouping (borrowing/trading for a ten or hundred) in either the ones or tens place. This has been a tricky concept! This week, students will practice solving problems that require regrouping in the ones and tens. As your child practices this skill at home, please remind them to show their work. Many students are trying to solve addition problems horizontally

(ex. 456 + 389 = ), instead of rewriting them vertically using a place value chart.

Ex. (The example should have a plus sign-I am struggling to include it in this program for some reason).


4 5 6

3 8 9

I have explained to students that showing work is so important because it allows them to check their work, see mistakes, and know if they have completed all of the correct steps. It is also an important way for someone else (teacher, parent, etc.) to see their thinking.

Students will be tested on Wednesday, November 2nd. An addition review will be sent for homework this week. The next unit of study will be measurement!


This week, students learned all about author's purpose. They learned that identifying the author's purpose (reason for writing the text) is as easy as P.I.E. I drew a pie and divided it into 3 sections writing the letters P.I.E. Students learned that the P stands for persuade, the I stands for inform and the E stands for entertain. Students then learned the difference in all three of these purposes by taking a closer look at several texts.

For example: when the purpose of a text is to inform-the text was written to teach us facts or information. Non-fiction books are written with the purpose of informing the reader. When the purpose of a text is to persuade-the text was written to try to convince the reader of something. It usually includes the author's opinion. We talked about how a lot of magazine adds and commercials are written with the purpose of persuasion. Finally, when the purpose is to entertain-the text was written for the reader to enjoy. These are often fictional stories that cause some sort of emotion as the reader reads it. Students also learned that when the author's purpose is to entertain, they still often include a theme or message. Students learned about various themes last week (ex. friendship, honesty, perseverance, always be kind to others, working together, acceptance, responsibility, etc.)

As students are reading this week, it would be great for them to practice identifying the author's purpose. If the purpose is to entertain, they should also identify the theme or message.


Students have doing a wonderful job finalizing their small moment stories! They have learned how to edit (checking for correct capitalization, punctuation, complete sentences, etc.) and revise (adding details, changing sentences, changing content, etc.). They have been able to use special revising pens to mark their changes. They love this part! After editing and revising on their own, students learned how to peer edit. Finally, each student had a one-on-one conference with me where we read their piece together and made some changes. Students then used their rough draft with all the changes to write a final draft. Next week, students will have the opportunity to share their final small moment story with the class. After sharing, the story will come home so you are able to see all of the hard work they have done. Students will be tested on their ability to write small moment stories in the spring. The next writing genre students will learn about is friendly letters.


Spelling List: Unit 7 (al/all sound)

1. fall

2. wall

3. ball

4. small

5. tall

6. call

7. all

8. chalk

9. talk

10. walk

Review Words

11. am

12. bad

13. fast

Challenge Words

14. almost

15. crawl

16. crosswalk

Spelling List: Unit 8 (Consonant Blends)

1. flat

2. glass

3. plant

4. dress

5. front

6. bring

7. grass

8. glad

9. clap

10. class

11. broom

12. cluck

13. frog

Challenge Words

14. cliff

15. grand

16. platter

Upcoming Dates

10/28 Halloween Parade (1:30-2:30) and Halloween Party (2:30-3:30)

10/28 No Popcorn Sale

10/28 Reading Log Due

10/31 Troubadours Musical Group visit Hyatt (1:30-2:30)

11/2 Math Test (Unit 2: Addition)

11/4 Last day for Annual Coat Drive Donations

11/16 Delayed Start

11/8 Cranbrook Bat Visit

11/10 Picture Retakes (9:00-10:30)

11/18 Scholastic Book Orders Due

11/18 Our Popcorn Sale (1/2 the proceeds go to our classroom) If there are any parents from our room who are able to volunteer for this sale, it would be greatly appreciated!

11/24 and 11/25 No School

12/8 Follies

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