Technology rules for parents



Don't text and drive at the same time. It can cause accidents and sometimes put your life and others lives in danger.


Parents should not put to much information on their Facebook or twitter pages,because a person could easily figure out their address and rob or damage your property.


Parents shouldn't create accounts and spy on their kids.Or force their children to tell them there passwords so they can check on them,it makes the kid feel that their parent doesn't trust them.


Parents should be careful when clicking on links because the link could be an virus that could damage your computer.


Don't leave your web cam on because someone can record things that you are doing in your room that are private and black male you.

texting when driving

Woman's story to end texting while driving

link to website for 10 rules for parents


Parents should not download things they don't know about because you don't know what it is so you just shouldn't click on them better safe then sorry.


You should't share your passwords with other people no matter how much they want it.If you do the person could post something you don't what people to see and they could change the passwords so only they knew them and you wont be able to take it down.


You shouldn't answer unknown phone calls or texts because they could be mean or a threat .


When on Facebook don't friend everyone because the person could have a fake account and send you fake beautiful pictures saying that its them.


Don't click on things that say watch a free movie that is not out yet,because you could be sewed or put in jail for it.