by Monyka Morales

The assyrians originally lived in a small area of land around the river Tigris (now in northern iraq). for many years, they were ruled over by their powerful neighbour in summer and akkad. then, in about 2000 bc, the assyrians gained their independence. they established a line of warrior-kings, under whose leadership they conquered a mighty empire, which was at its greatest during the new assyrians (around 1000-612BC).

stone carving

from the palace at Nineveh date from about 650bc and slow the hunt leaving with dogs and cages the Assyrian used some carvings warnings. palace visitors were shown into a room decorated with scenes of the king executing rebel

Assyrians soldier

used inflated animal skin to help then swim across fast-flowing river this enable the army to mount a surprise attack on their enemies. in battle assyrians soldiers wore armour of leather or chainmail and carried shield for protection
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Assyrian army

used fearsome assault tower mounted on wheel top breath (break through) the city walls of their enemies. the towers iron-tripped battering rams could be swing to the left or right to smash through walls and doors
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king ashurbanipal

( 668-627 bc ) was the last great ruler of the assyrian empire. he was a ruthless military leader but also a great patron of the art building a splendid palace, library and gardens at nineveh

the hittites

the hittites were a war-like people from anatolia much feared for their military skill. among other achievement, they were the first to use chariot for warfare, which gave them a great advantage over their enemies. the hittites conquered babylon, mesopotamia and part of syria before being crushed in about 1200 BC, by the sea people, raider who operated around the mediterranean

history of assyrians

  • 2000-1450 bc the old assyrians empire.
  • 1813-1781 bc reign of king shamshi-adad, a great warrior and empire building
  • 1363-1000 bc the new middle assyrian empire
  • 1298 bc king adadnirari i take the tittle king of the universe
  • 1000-612 bc the new assyrian empire. a huge empire is conquered
  • 900-625 bc assyria and babylon are constantly at war with each other
  • 883-859 bc reign of king ashurnasirpal II who build a fabulous palace at nimrud.
  • 745-727 bc reign of king Tiglathpileser III who conquers israel
  • 668-627 bc reign of king ashurbanipal who make nineveh his capital. he sacks the great cities of thebes babylon and susa.
  • 612 bc assyria is invaded and conquered by the medes and babylon.

Picture of assyrians