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January 2019

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Attendance Line: 651-480-7220
Main Office: 651-480-7221

Nurse: 651-480-7224
Kids' Campus: 651-480-7257
Hastings Bus Company: 651-437-1888

Elementary Handbook

District Calendars

Many Hastings families had a much brighter holiday season because of the generosity of our families. THANK YOU to everyone who sent non-perishable items to school this December.



1 - No school - New Years Day

2 - Resume classes after break

7-11 - Beauty & the Beast auditions and rehearsal

10 - PTO meeting at 6PM

12 - Beauty & the Beast Play 11AM - High School Auditorium

18 - No school - Workshop/Staff Development

21 - No school - Martin Luther King Day

24 - Kindergarten Registration 5:30 - 7:00 PM

29 - Hastings Instrument Fair for 4th Grade 5-7PM - High School (Also Feb 4th, 6-8PM)

Kindergarten Registration - January 24th / 5:30 - 7:00

You and your child are invited to visit Kindergarten classrooms, meet Kindergarten teachers, turn in registration/enrollment forms, and tour the school.

Music Informance for Kindergarten and First Graders

Kennedy will be hosting a Music Informance for Kindergarten and First Graders the week of January 22nd-25th.

A Music Informance is a chance to see your child perform in the music class room. You will get to see what your student is working on and a little bit of background about the foundations of Hastings Elementary Music Program.

Informances are held during your child’s Music Specialist time. The music room space is limited: Please check with your classroom teachers and the class newsletter for when your scheduled day will be. Please limit your family to one or two guests at most, since we have a smaller room; this helps us have the space we need to perform and move.


Please call the attendance line at 651-480-7220, each morning, to report when your child(ren) will not be attending school


  • Whenever possible, prepare your child(ren) to exit the vehicle on the curbside.
  • Please pull up as far as you can, so other cars can drop off behind you.
  • Do not park your car along the curb and come into the building. If you need to come into the building for any reason, please park in one of our parking lots.
  • Ensure you have clear visibility out all of your windows.

Drop off times are from 8:30 am-8:50 am. Children should not be dropped off before 8:30. If your child is going to breakfast, you may drop off at 8:25 am and have them go directly to the cafeteria.

If you need to drop off before the 8:30 bell, you can enroll your child in Kids Campus. Further information about Kid’s Campus can be obtained from the district’s website, the Kennedy webpage, or from our office.


Your child's safety is of prime importance to us. There are a few procedure guidelines that help us maintain a secured building and limit the number of distractions to our classrooms. Our building is designed to have a single entry point during the school day. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Always check in at the office whenever you are at school.
  • When delivering things for your child (ex. snow gear), please drop them off at the office. We will deliver articles or call your child down to the office.
  • When picking up your child early from school, please do so by signing them out at the office. The office personnel will contact your child’s teacher to dismiss them.

PTO Meeting January 10 2018 6PM

All parents are invited to attend this meeting.


Elementary Conferences are scheduled in the evening on February 27th and 28th. On March 1st, conferences will take place in the morning. Watch for upcoming online conference sign up.


With the school year half over it would be a good idea to check with your children to see how their school supplies are holding up. Crayons, pencils, paper, and other supplies are often in need of replacement now or before the end of the school year.

Weekly Character Trait: KINDNESS

Above the Line Golden Tickets for November