Battle of Stalingrad

Germany VS. Soviet Union

Battle of Stalingrad

Wednesday, Sep. 16th 1942 at 3:30am to Sunday, Feb. 14th 1943 at 5:15pm

39Б Heroiv Stalinhradu Ave

Kyiv, Kyiv city

Important info!

Hitler believed if he destroyed soviet economy they would be unable to continue in the war. So, an a effort to do so he ordered his generals to capture key soviet factories,oilfields,and farmlands. Stalin saw the plan Hitler had devised and started to prepare for it by securing a key railroad city called Stalingrad which also controls the Volga river. Hitler knew if he was able to capture and hold Stalingrad he could keep Russia out of the war which in turn might spell victory for the Axis powers later on. Stalin, aware of the importance of holding Stalingrad, was able to keep Stalingrad in soviet control thus spelling defeat for Germany again.