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'All things RSS' in a 'digestible' format - 09.28.2020

The purpose of our TST BOCES Regional School Success newsletter is to highlight upcoming opportunities and keep your informed with resources our department is both creating and promoting. Each newsletter will feature a variety of materials depending on what is on our calendar. We hope you will take advantage of any Professional Learning, Cooperative Enrichment, School Library System, or Instructional Technology opportunities that you believe will enhance your district & students' learning environment.

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Regional Professional Networks at TST BOCES

The intention of educator networks is to:

  • Build our knowledge base and skill levels

  • Engage in best practices and current research

  • Facilitate support for educators in the area

  • Collaborate across the region

TST BOCES is committed to ongoing professional learning opportunities in collaboration with the educators in the region. In order to successfully support one another, we need to provide a fluid process of turnkeying information back to our component districts.

Below you will find a link to a list of our Professional Networks,. Please explore, and share amongst the staff in your district who may be interested in serving on a network. The first meetings will be in October, so now is a great time to get involved!

Registration information is listed on the Professional Network Newsletter.

Check out this resource: The Hybrid Teacher - Survival Guide

This informational guide will help support and prepare teachers for the upcoming school year. Some highlights that this resource contains:

  • Essential Edtech Tool Box
  • The Hybrid School Model
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning
  • Parent/Guardian Communication
  • Technology Bootcamp
  • Building Culture and Community
  • And many more supporting tools and resources

Click here to access the PDF to read more.

10 Google Tips for Remote Learning from Shake Up Learning

Remote learning has sent teachers and schools into high gear! We are all trying to figure out what works. In this post, Kasey Bell shows you 10 Google Tips for Remote Learning.

Read about the 10 Google Tips that will help get you settled into your school year.

From Education Week: How to Thwart 'Zoombombing' in the Remote Classroom: 10 Tips

Classrooms around the country have been interrupted by so-called “Zoombombers” or “Zoomraiders,” who shout obscenities, share sexual images, or racist content in the middle of an online lesson. Despite the name, the incidents can take place on any video conferencing platform, not just Zoom.

Read about tips on how to keep your remote classrooms safe from unwanted guests.

FOCUS: Come together for equity

The word “equity” is found throughout U.S. schools today — in district mission statements, school vision documents, and classroom posters. It is used to signify a value that feels fundamental to our democracy and public education system: Students’ educational outcomes should not be determined by their demographics, including race, ZIP code, primary language, gender, and/or disability. Yet equity can feel elusive in practice.

Read more from

New York State Library Digital Equity Webinar Series

Digital equity is a complex set of conditions that requires that every New Yorker has access to affordable broadband, adequate devices, necessary software, digital literacy skills, and a community of support. Persistent digital divides exist in communities -- urban, suburban, and rural -- across New York; in fact, more than 25% of students in New York lack access to the Internet and/or appropriate devices to participate in remote online education. The challenges to student connectivity can’t be considered in isolation, since they are part of larger systemic inequities disproportionately affecting people of color and people with lower incomes.

This webinar series is intended to bring together stakeholders from across sectors to:

  • Establish a shared understanding of the challenges to digital equity and

  • Develop a shared vision of how we can work together to achieve digital equity in New York.

For a schedule of meeting dates, a list of topics, and links to both webinars and recordings, go to Digital Equity Webinar Series on the New York State Library website.

Parent Pointers Website

The TST Professional Learning team created a website to assist parents in navigating through returning to school, and support them with online learning. The website allows parents to explore a number of topics including: Learning at Home, Educational Resources, Supporting Social Emotional Learning, and Staying Connected to Support Groups and Organizations. This is a live website that will be updated throughout the year to meet the needs of our parents and caregivers in the region. Additionally, to provide relevant and helpful resources, a parent survey is available to provide feedback for individual districts, as well as the region. We welcome feedback from districts in regards to meeting the needs of parent.

Watch a quick video to see what the website is all about.

Click here to see the Parent Pointers Website.

Digital and Blended Learning Website

We have several offerings this Fall to support distance and blended learning that are taught by our instructional specialists. You can access the calendar here.

However, if you prefer a more self-paced version of these professional learning opportunities, we've designed modules for educators to build their own capacity to support students and families during this challenging time. See our Distance & Blended Learning Modules here.

Our specialists have setup modules within a Google Classroom. Click here to view the offerings and get the classroom codes.

Virtual Enrichment Programs

A number of Cooperative Enrichment partners are available to schedule virtual offerings for teachers and students!

To view upcoming offerings, click here.

Regional Professional Development and Learning Opportunities from TST BOCES

We have some new Regional Workshops on the TST BOCES calendar!

Redefine Blended Learning with Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 4:30-6pm

This is an online event.

Social distancing is not and should not be social isolation. Remote teaching and learning is not and should not always be individual and autonomous. Let's re-imagine what distance teaching and learning looks, sounds and feels like!

Infuse your synchronous and asynchronous remote teaching game with culturally & linguistically responsive practices to leverage the strengths students bring to the virtual classroom. Learn how to validate and affirm sociocentric, kinesthetic, communal, and spontaneous learners by participating in remote Think-Pair-Share, Thinking on your Feet, and Give One Get One protocols using tools including, but not limited to, Google Jamboard, Google Chat and Flipgrid.

This remote session will be facilitated using the Google Meet video conferencing platform.

To register in Frontline, click here.

Social Justice & Art: A 3 Part Series presented by Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University


Off the Pedestal: Statues & Monuments in Public Displays


October 8, 2020


This is an online event.


This 3 part series of workshops will give educators the opportunity to explore current events in light of several types of artwork. Participants will read a short selection of text in preparation for each topic and then be led on a guided discussion with Johnson Museum of Art Educators. Participants will discuss the selected readings and selected works of art in a virtual model that they can use with their students. Practice looking at art and linking it to contemporary issues help validate and confirm conversations that students may be having. This series allows participants to practice a protocol for intellectual engagement for student collaboration and discourse.

To register in Frontline, click here.

Regional Distance Learning Reflection Forums


Elementary Teachers: October 19 at 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Secondary Teachers: October 19 at 4:30pm - 6:00pm


These will be virtual events using Zoom and Google Meet.


Teachers, you have completed at least 3 weeks of distance (virtual/hybrid/blended) learning this school year, now, let’s take a step back to reflect and share our experiences. What’s working? What’s not?

The Professional Learning Team at TST BOCES will come together to facilitate and support discussions to support each other as teachers share resources and reflect to improve distance learning for their students, families, and themselves. This will help the team to communicate and assist teachers across the region This session will leverage breakout groups and collaboration to make learning accessible and meaningful. Please bring a question for the group as well as a strategy, resource, or tool that’s worked to support students, families, and teachers during distance learning.

Elementary Teachers: Register here in Frontline!

Secondary Teachers: Register here in Frontline!

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