The Journal of James Edmond Pease

By Jim Murphy

A Civil War Union Solider

This book is about a teenage Civil War soldier from Virginia. He is going to serve the union army to defeat the rebs. In the war he put into the middle lines. Then at the battle of Gettysburg that all changes when all of his friends next in the front lines are getting killed so he gets called up to the front lines with the Lt.

The setting

The setting takes play in the 1860's in the Civil War. During some of the biggest wars of the Civil War. From the back lines of the war.

About the Charcter

James Edmond Pease, is a teenage union solider. He is facing a hard time because he going to leave his family and he doesn't know if he will ever see them again. Then when he gets to his army camp he is taking hard times by he is homesick, he is ill, and he can't keep any of the food down he eats at the camp. Then when he actually sees battle during the first battle is see the rebels make the union retreat. Then when he gets to the second of the 3d battle the book talks about he is moved up because all of the men are dying.

From The Text

4 o'clock The Rebs was still firing on us and the hissing of lead was all around. Just then the new man went down in a heap ahead of me. That ball was meant for me, I thought, which made me madder still, and then I realized he had just gotten his bayonet snagged on some vines and tripped over his own clumsy feet. But that didn't make me any less mad at the Rebs. I leaped over the new man and a second later I was right next to the Lt. and heading into the smoke of a recently fired Reb gun.