I'm 21 years old, right now its just me and my sister and haeman of course.

I am a very nice women, but can be stubborn. I fight for what i believe in and no one can change my mind other wise.

i am very caring and get along with just about everyone i encounter....except creon >:(


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Don't worry babe nothing will be done to harm you!!!!

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Why wouldn't i want burying my brother. Its my brother, i know what he did was wrong but i will never have another. My parents are dead. He should have a proper burial like the rest of the family.


Why would you think to my authority me?

Women are not meant to pride themselves on doing only what the man should do. You are a disgrace to this whole kingdom and you are a disgrace to me. How do you feel now that your "Fiancé" isnt here to help you. I now have the power to punish you and believe me it will be cruel


We've lost so much its only me and here left. There's no one that could ever separate us.


Dont worry we are here for you.

We will be here to guide you in the right direction


Thank you.
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When Antigone refuses to let Ismene take the blame with her because she had nothing to do with the crime.


This isn't fair. both of my brothers deserved to be buried and is horrible to leave him out there like that.
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This is when Antigone ask Ismene if she would participate with her to give Polynices a proper burial.