Tragedy of the Commons

By: Kaitlyn Batcheller

What is it?

The tragedy of the commons is a dilemma arising from the situation in which multiple individuals, acting independently and rationally consulting their own self-interest, will ultimately deplete a shared limited resource even when it is clear that it is not in anyone's long-term interest for this to happen.

How does is related to the 21rst century?

The 21rst century doesn't have a 'limit' on resources. We just kind of go with the flow and when we need something we get it. We don't think about how it could affect us in the future. Our resources are getting lower and lower by the minute. The greater number of people using a resource, the faster it is destroyed.

'Key players'?

We are the 'key players'. We are the ones using the resources.

Possible solution?

A possible solution to this tragedy could be that we get limited on certain things. Like have a limit of that resource for a month at a time.