Megladon: the monster shark lives

By: Garrett W period 5

On apirl 5, 2013 a family, who lived in Cape Town, South Africa, took there boat out for some fishing, and they never came back. The boat sank, the bodies..... never found. Divers went down to the wreackage to see what happend and what was left had a big mark. These marks were 15ft in length and 3 in teeth shards. They found a video camera and brought back some teeth. Scientest ran test on the shards and study the footage and all evidence points to one thing......Megladon.

A Megladon is a 150ft preastoric shark that supposivly went extinct 13 to 18 million years ago. It is still a mystery how they went extinct, but most scientest think its main food source, whales, went into colder waters and sharks cannot follow into colder waters and it starved. Megladons closest relitives are the great white shark. They have simlar traits in camoflauge with a dark top to look like the bottom of the ocean and a white bottem to look like the sun and kills its pray the same by coming up from under it and going for the tail.

There is plenty of evidince showing Meladon is alive. One piece of evidence is in 1942 a nazi u boat in Cape Town, South Africa was leaving port when in the bay a shark fin and tail came out of the water and they were 64ft in length. another piece of evidence is in 2003 Cape Town, South Africa a humpback whale was pretty close to shore fighting a shark with a fin that was 6ft tall.Everyone was out of the water luckly no one was injured or killed. The third piece of evidence is in 2007 on the shore of Hawaii, a humpback whale carcass washes up on shore with its tail missing. Scientists have studied the part where the tail was and they say one thing. the tail was bitten off with one clean bite. A fourth piece of evidence comes when in 2003 the coast guard off the coast of South America in brazil. The coast guard had to search for a man lost at sea. When they were air lifting him he kept screaming "it's under me" when the man at there HQ was looking at through the camera on the side of the helicopter. He yelled at them through the radio " GET OUT OF THERE NOW" because what he saw was something bigger than a whale swimming like a shark.

Where could a monster such as this one be hiding. the depths of the sea have held many secrets from us. One example is the Giant Squid. A Caracas that only died 1 hour ago washed up on shore. The only problem why a Megladon hasn't is sharks cannot die of age.

If the Megladon is alive, it could mean catastrophe. The food chain would be in chaos, the Whale shark would not be the biggest fish in the world, and small boats would not be allowed in the ocean anymore.

After studying the evidence and connecting them together, they are following a food source and it's the humpback whale. 2 out of 5 of the evidence has humpback whales are involved.

According to what we know whales are there primary source of food of the Megladon. Most scientist think that they went extinct because the whales headed toward the north and south poles and sharks cannot go into colder waters.

Some scientist don't believe it lives. Some say it does. Those who think its alive are divided in three groups. One group thinks we should find it and kill it. The second says we should let it do what it pleases, and the final group says we should catch it and study it.

I believe it is alive and I think we need to eradicate it. one thing is for sure, this monster is alive.

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