Ms. Anderson's Class

By Ms. Anderson's 5th Grade Students

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Ms. Anderson

by Lauren

Ms. Anderson is a fantastic teacher. The reason why I love Ms. Anderson is that she gives us life learning lessons and gives us advice whenever we need it. Whenever we need help she will always be there and always have an answer. Everyone in the class loves Ms.Anderson and she´s everything a teacher can possibly be she is even beyond just a teacher she´s a teacher, a mom, an advisor, an Oregon duck-obsessed woman, and a color nerd. Sometimes she will give us a ¨chill day¨ and give us word searches or free choice and just give us a chill day and let us relax. When we do word searches sometimes she will award the first 1-5 people with candy. She is a big and when I say big I mean BIG fan of Oregon Ducks. Her favorite players are Marcus Mariota and Joey Harrington. She is obsessed with Nike that she even has a tattoo of their logo the ¨swoosh¨ on her foot. Ms.Anderson is the reason why our class has so many class ride-ons and why we behave so well.

Ms. Anderson has been teaching for 18 years and is a mom to an 8-year-old girl. Her daughter's name is Penelope and Penelope is in 2nd grade. Ms.Anderson despises birds. Once there was a crow on the ramp outside our portable and the door was open because Ms.Anderson wanted to open the door since there was good weather the bird was just chilling outside watching us and Ms. Anderson was tempted to run into Ms. Syphers class and get away from the bird. Ms. Anderson is good at cheerleading and was a football player at Westview highschool. One of Ms. Anderson's favorite songs is Sweet Caroline. Every Saturday when she gets the chance she takes Penelope to Sesame donuts for breakfast. Ms.Anderson is obsessed with colors and every time we take notes she uses her favorite pens Papermate pens and always uses colors so we call her a color nerd. She´s everything we could ask for so she is a phenomenal, fantastic, amazing, awesome teacher!

Our Class

by Gio

Ms. Anderson's class is so nice. They help each other and they work as a class and they have each other back. Ms. Anderson's class has an Estimation jar with Candy if you Guess the estimate You get the candy or if you Get close to How much Candy you win the candy that is in there it is so cool. When we get 10 ride-on we get a Party. We are a family. We Finished room to dream and 3 keys and the front desk. Now we read crossover and the book is cool. And Ms. Anderson's class jokes around a lot.

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by Srijan

Content is kind of like Social Studies.

It has the same topics as Social Studies like Thanksgiving.

The colonial settlers came to America to push off Native Americans off their land and there is also slavery. Native Americans have to work for the white settlers for the whole day without breaks. If any Natives stop working they will get beat up, or get killed. Most Native Americans got pushed off the land ⅓ of the Native Americans died from cold, starvation, and disease.

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by Akshith

Ms. Anderson’s class has been writing about opinion writing, and historical writing, these past few months. Ms. Anderson tells us what we should do to get our writing much better, she also sometimes writes it down on the whiteboard so we don’t forget. Ms. Anderson is very clear, so we know what she is saying, and she really likes using colors when she writes. She usually gives us 1 hour or less and if we use our time well then she gives us more time. If we turn it in earlier she will tell us to take it back and then double-check and see if we did anything wrong. Once we turn it in she might give us another chance to maybe re-write or just fix some small mistakes so we can get better grades. Our class loves writing, in general, some like writing on the computer, and some like writing on paper. We use to do freewriting, which is basically where we have ten minutes to write something, and we can write about anything we want, we can literally write our name over and over again.

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by Ajay

In Ms.Anderson's class, the math is so easy because she tells us a lot of tricks on how to do the math. We do a lot of math to improve ourselves. We do some quizzes like recently we did 1 division number puzzle and we did some multiplication number puzzle when we that whole we get a beautiful picture to see. We do bubble gum math. If we win, we get a stick of bubble gum. We are doing decimal in google slides and working in groups. We also take a lot of notes in the math notebook because it can help when you write an assignment.

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by Sophia

Book Clubs

For Book Clubs in Ms. Anderson's class, we’re assigned with people our reading level such as, red, white, black, and orange. The people who are at the same reading level as we are put at our table groups. We meet every other day. You must read the chapters you are assigned before coming to the group. If you have not, you can read the assigned chapters and finish the work after! Your table group will help you catch up! We got this packet that has the work for our book, the work is like a summary sheet where you tell about the chapters you read, and there are other pages where you tell about the characters in your book so far, and what you predict will happen later in the book and the setting of the book. There is more but, my class has not gotten to the other pages yet. The books our table groups get are for your reading level!

Types of books

In our class, we have fiction books, non-fiction books, chapter books, and picture books!


For Assignments, we write about what the book we read is about and submit that in canvas and we do elements of the story plus more!

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.