Pearly Shells January Newsletter


Congratulations, to all that went to work and would up at a party last month!

Our special this month is incredible! According to January stats company wide, we sold over 74,000 zip top Organizing Utility Totes which exceeded all expectations!- and that's at FULL PRICE! Imagine what will happen with this great style in February when it's featured as the monthly special! Make it a goal this month to sell 31 of them and watch your PV soar this month!!

Looking ahead to next month...5 of the best totes for 1/2 off and they are bringing back 2 Hostess exclusives for next month only for only $15!! Make sure you share this at your February parties this month and book for March!


2/18- Check your inbox for February's Inspire

2/19 Webcast with Cindy 9pm EST to learn the best way to market your business. Register on TOT

2/26 Registration for C&C's start for April

3/5 Registration begins for all consultants for Conference.

3/15 Last day to enroll with the Opportunity Incentive

April C&C

It's that time again! Register yourself starting Feb 26th. for Celebrate and Connect in your area! This will be our Summer Premier. Meetings will be held around the country between April 3-6th. Our Henderson meeting will take place at 630 on April 3rd at Nacho Daddy. If your planning to attend here, make sure you register as soon as registration opens, I expect this meeting to fill very quickly.
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January stats

Welcome to our Team!!

None this month :(



Party Rockers

Kristi Jenkins 2

Autumn Kizerian 1

Tara Underwood 1

Jehudy Cuevas 1

Gretchen Little 1

Sue Dolphin 1


Sue Dolphin $1304

Gretchen Little $615.50

Kristi Jenkins $434.50

Jehudy Cuevas $328

Autumn Kizerian $237


None this month


Gretchen Little LL2






My Jan Stats:

PV: $1900

Parties: 3

Team Sales: $5,268

As a consultant I would have made $ 475 , As a Director I made: $633.88

Opportunity Incentive

This is an excellent incentive for anyone who has been thinking about joining! Great opportunity for anyone. Set them up for success by booking at least 2 shows in the first 30 days and they will get the $99 rebate.
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2014 Thirty One Conference-Denver July 10-12

Who's joining me!!

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What you earn:

2-Star Level

$50 off registration

4-Star Level

$100 off registration

8-Star Level

$200 off registration plus the 8-Star Kit**

12-Star Level

$200 off registration plus the 8-Star Kit,** 12-Star Kit** and Super Day registration

How you earn:

Personal Volume***

Earn up to 8 stars!

$300 PV = 1 star
$600 PV = 2 stars
$1,200 PV = 4 stars
$2,400 PV = 6 stars
$4,800+ PV = 8 stars

Earn April’s Ready, Set, Sell Kit
Receive up to 2 stars!

$500 level kit = 1 star
$1,000 level kit = 1 star

When you earn the $1,000 level kit, you’ll receive 2 stars – one for each level.

Recruit and qualify a new Consultant (PEQA)
1 star

Only available for the enroller.

Consultant must enroll AND qualify between January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Get a promotion or promotion bonus
1 star

There’s no limit to how many you can earn.

Bonus or promotion must
be awarded between
January 1 – April 30, 2014.

New sign-up (enrollee only)
2 stars

Only available for Consultants
who join Thirty-One between January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Earn up to four StartSwell levels
Earn up to 4 stars

Receive one star for each StartSwell level earned.

Award must be received between January 1 – April 30 to qualify.


**Startswell** If you are still in the startswell period and enroll a new consultant who becomes qualified by submiting $1000 PV in their first 90 days you will earn $100! There is no limit to the number of $100 bonuses a new Consultant can earn as long as their new team members are qualified in 90 days. Read all info here: [startswell](