By: Thomas Reynolds


  • Was born in 1477 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy.
  • He spent most of his life in Venice Italy.
  • His education was that he studied art with Giovanni Bellini.
  • "Not long thereafter Titian began to study painting with giovanni Bellini".( unknown 1).
  • He married Cecilla in 1525. She then died five years later.
  • He spent most of his time painting and tending to his kids Pomponio, Orazio, and Lavinia.
  • He created paintings. Most of them were portraits.
  • His patrons were charles and phillip the second.
  • Titian found fame by beating out Giovanni Bellini as a painter to the republic of venice.(Titian 1).
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The Work

  • The Man with the Glove.
  • It was created in C.1520.
  • You can find this piece in the museum the Musee du Louvre in Paris France.
  • This picture is significant because it shows human emotions and human charateristis. This was one of the first paintings that did this.
  • I find this painting so interesting because its misterious. Its misterious because it shows a human looking away at something in the distance and he is only wearing one glove.
  • It shows humanism because its a picture of a man that is showing emotion.

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