Third Grade in the News!

October 27th - October 31st

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Important Dates!

October 27th- October 31st- Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday- Wear your crazy socks!
  • Tuesday- Wear neon! The Neon Walk starts at 8:30!
  • Wednesday- "Be a Hero Freestyle" show performs.
  • Thursday- Wear cowboy boots!
  • Friday- Wear red!

October 31st- Report Cards Sent Home

November 7th-

  • Grandparents Day
  • Burgers & Books

November 11th- Veteran's Day Celebration @8:15

November 19th- Thanksgiving Feast for grades 3-5

What we are learning next week!

Math with Mrs. Moore:

We will begin our focus on multiplication next week. Students will be exposed to multiple strategies to solve multiplication problems. They will have the opportunity to decide which strategy works best for them!

We will explore arrays and number talks. Students need to be able to easily recall their multiplication facts through 10. If they can do it through 12 that's even better!

Try out this game for extra practice this week.

Social Studies with Mrs. Naragon: We will wrap up our government unit! Spend some time talking with your child about the taxes we must pay and the three branches of government!

Science with Mrs. Naragon: Next week we will begin looking at patterns in the sky, the relationship of the Earth, Sun and Moons as well as orbits and positions. Students will also begin identifying the planets in Earth's solar system and their position in relation to the sun.

Language Arts with Mrs. Trueblood:

We will continue looking at cause and effect in stories. This week the learners will read a story in a small group and discuss all of the causes and effects. They will then choose a way to show how one event causes another event to happen.

We will be writing this week persuading the audience to be drug-free! This goes along with Coppell’s Red- Ribbon Week.

Continue to have your child read each night.

Thank you for those of you who helped get your child logged onto istations! I know some of you tried and had problems. I hope we got all the passwords set correctly. If you have problems, please let me know.

Great Expectations for the week:

Life Principle: Problem-Solving

Quote: “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” -- Albert Einstein

Healthy Tip: Avoid using drugs and alcohol which can have a negative impact on movement and coordination.

Schoolwide Enrichment Model

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