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Vanguard Professional Development Meeting

Thursday, April 16th, 1pm

This is an online event.

Please do the following before April 16th:

  1. Peruse this SMORE.
  2. Reflect on the blog post below. Be prepared to share during the videoconference.
  3. Watch the first 10 minutes of this TED TALK Be prepared to answer the question: How are you and your school preparing your students to be ready for life?

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Toby Grosswald

As the Education Manager of Instructional Technology, I will be meeting online with the Vanguard teachers the first Thursday of every month for one hour of professional development training. I am excited to work with the K12 schools and look forward to building a community of 21st century learners!
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Professional Development Goals 2014-2015

Professional Development Essential Question: How can we transform learning that can occur as a result of technology integration and attention to SAMR?


  • To review "quick wins" as a follow up from the Apple trainings in order to teach what good looks like in the classroom and have a common ground for talking about the integration of technology
  • To collaborate online and through video with other Vanguards across the country monthly by using the video platform of 'Go To Meeting' and SMORE to support the teachers in your schools with the integration of the iPads and technology
  • To train Vanguard teacher leaders to turn around and train teachers on the best instructional practices using their iPads in order to produce, reflect and share by showcasing student work and best practices through the “cloud” across the schools and classrooms
  • To communicate and collaborate with your instructional team and teachers an understanding of "what good looks like" as we add rigor and move through the SAMR continuum.

Goals for PD:

  • Read, connect, share and reflect using the video of students telling and showing how they integrate technology.
  • Showcase Vanguard student work in order to support and model ideas of SAMR
  • Use the examples in the PD as you coach/train/turn-around the information, strategies and best practices to your instructional team and peers.
  • Continue to apply rigor and focus on the essential question: How can we transform learning that can occur as a result of technology integration and attention to SAMR?
  • Continue to implement the professional development goals for the school year 2014-15 at your school with your teachers and staff.



SAMR Review


Student Engagement and Rigor

What Good Looks Like: Student Work Samples

Tobytech's Monthly Apps, Websites and Tech Tips

End of Year Reflection/Assignment

Next Steps: What Does Good Look Like?

Schools that work for kids | Eric Sheninger | TEDxBurnsvilleED

SAMR: Let's Review

SAMR, a model designed to help educators integrate technology into teaching and learning, was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. The model aims to enable teachers to design, develop, and integrate digital learning experiences that utilize technology to transform learning experiences to lead to high levels of achievement for students.Where are you on the SAMR continuum?

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Education as it should be – passion-based. Addressing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Technology

Technology is way too often given a bad rap by administrators and educators as a distraction or a hazard for students. When technology is integrated intentionally with foresight and with intention of addressing specific growth-oriented goals, it increases the potential to help students learn, develop, and grow in unique ways. It can be used to help ADDRESS the needs as described by Maslow.

What follows is an Infographic that proposes some of the technology integration strategies that can be used toADDRESSED the different levels of Maslow’s needs.

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Here are some questions that will assist in determining if engagement is leading to actual learning:

  • Is the technology being integrated in a purposeful way grounded in sound pedagogy?
  • What are the learning objectives/outcomes?
  • Are students demonstrating the construction of new knowledge? Are they creating a learning product/artifact?
  • How are students applying essential skills they have acquired to demonstrate conceptual mastery?
  • What assessments (formative, summative) are being used to determine standard attainment?
  • How are students being provided feedback as to their progress towards the specific learning objectives/outcomes?
  • Is there alignment to current observation/evaluation tools?
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April Coulter, Grade 5, School 1306

Take a look at a STEM project in action!
STEM Project Presentation

Angie Nicols, Vanguard Teacher, The Brighton School #1504

Take a look at a blogspot in action!

Vanguard CJ Snyder #36 shares CHATTERBOX (TALKING PENGUINS) Lesson created by Lauren McCutcheon - 2nd grade

Rock Hopper Penguins - AP

Vanguard Liz Kellogg using a SMORE to showcase technology integration at #401

Check out the SMASHING of technology and literacy in Vanguard Kate Reuter's Social Studies SMORE!

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Toby's Tech Tips

Emergency Contact and Medical ID

Thanks to the In Case of Emergency feature of iOS 8, anybody has easy access to your emergency contact info and media ID without unlocking your iPad. To set it up, tap the ‘Health’ app, which comes on your iPad as an icon with a red heart. On the bottom, tap the icon at the lower right hand corner called 'Media ID', to create your medical information. Then, tap 'Create Medical ID' to enter your information, including birthday medical condition, medication, emergency contact, blood type, height, weight and more.

Tobytech's Three Free Website Recommendations


A Multilingual site For learning English, Spanish or French vocabulary.


View Richard Byrne's website provides educators with ideas and instruction for using free, web-based resources.


Learn what good book reviews should include by reading examples written by other students. (c/o Vanguard Katy Howard)

Tobytech's Three-Free App Recommendations


A unique way to share your understanding of various topics, build study aids for school or create a fictional world of characters


Tool for creating infographics


An easy site that lets you create an online Jeopardy-like game board that students can play.

K-4 Corner: Storyline Online

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LIteracy SMORE for April


END OF YEAR TASK: Due June 1, 2015


Task: Create a SMORE, PREZI, PAGES or IMOVIE or combination of the platforms that include the following:

1. Your name, school and photo of you and your school.

2. Photos of YOUR classroom or office showing evidence of the integration of technology (when applicable).

3, Photos of OTHER classrooms showing evidence of the integration of technology.

4. A process board photo showing evidence of "what good looks like" where technology is used.

5. A brief explanation of your best practice and how you turned around the trainings in your school.

6. Suggestions for next year's Vanguard PD.

7. One quote that resonates with you.


1. Continue to collect samples of "what good looks like" and either post on the Shutterfly Share or send to Toby.

2. Complete the End Of Year Feedback Task by June 1, 2015.

3. Keep in touch with Toby as your Vanguard connection throughout the upcoming months.

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