Dr. Seuss

By Jakob Theis

Who is Dr. Seuss?

Dr. Seuss is a famous author, who wrote many, many, kids books.

He was born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, MA and his real name was Theodore Seuss Geisel, but he wrote under lots of different names. Some of those name are Theo LeSieg, Rosetta Stone and Theophrastus Seuss.

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Dr. Seuss Books

He wrote over 60 books !!! Some of his books are The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, There is a Wocket in My Pocket, The Lorax, and Mr Brown Can Moo - Can You?

My favorite Dr. Suess book used to be Wacky Wednesday. I liked this book because you had to find all kinds of strange things that were happening to the kid in the book.

5 Things People Don't Know About Dr. Seuss

  1. Green Eggs and Ham was written on a dare.
  2. He wrote lots of kids books but never had any kids.
  3. His books have been translated in more than 15 languages and have sold more than 200 million copies.
  4. Thanks to his love of language he is credited with inventing the word "nerd".
  5. It is said that he had hundreds of hats that he kept stashed in a closet and would show off at dinner parties.
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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!!!