The New Talking WALL-E

Buy the new, the best talking robot for only $8!

What is the Talking WALL-E?

The Talking WALL-E is a high tech robot that can talk. But when you don't like the robot talking, type in the language you want it to talk in!(The language changer is on the back of the robot.) It also has a remote so you can make it go to you! But the best thing is that the Talking WALL-E can copy the actions he did in the movie!

Why should I buy it?

You must have to buy WALL-E because, it will entertain your child/ren for hours. And if you buy two WALL-Es, you get a free Eve which will do scenes with WALL-E! Also, when you buy it you will get a 10 year warranty for Eve(If you have one) and WALL-E!

Where do I buy it?

If you want to buy WALL-E, you can buy it at BigW and ToysRS. Both shops will be selling it for $8.