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Prayer Update

Thank you to all who have been praying for the health and recovery of our 3rd grader, Urielle. I received a voice mail today from her mom thanking everyone for their prayers and indicating that Urielle has had some improvement and is being moved out of ICU. Please continue to pray for a speedy and complete recovery so she can be back with all of us soon. There is nothing more powerful than the prayers of children.


Katie Dempsey


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Reminders for This Week:

  • Monday, Jan. 18th - No School in Honor of Dr. MLK, Jr. Day
  • Tues, Jan. 19th - Pre-K, K, 1st, and 2nd grade full classes on site. Check schedules for 3rd-8th grade hybrid (see below)
  • Wed, Jan. 20th - Inauguration Day

IMPORTANT SURVEY: Intent to Return

Please take just a quick moment (less than 1 minute) to take this survey. It does not hold you to a contract in any way for the 2021-22 school year. It is simply a way to give us an indication of who will be returning next year, as we plan our 2021-22 school budget. THANK YOU for doing this.


"The Plan" Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 19th

Beginning Jan. 19th, we welcome back more students to our campus!!

Here is the plan:

Pre-K and K: On site full time

1st and 2nd Grade: On site full time (entire class)

3rd/4th Grade: On site 1/2 time (every other day, remote when not on campus)...see detailed schedule from Ms. Iverson (3rd grade in person M/W and 4th grade in person T/Th)

5th - 8th Grade: Remote in the morning, on site in the afternoon (students may attend the afternoons every day)...see schedule attached.

This will be the plan until we can get the COVID numbers under 350/100,000. Currently, we are at 444/100,000.

Ms. Iverson's Schedule (Below)

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Mr. Ivan's Schedule (Below)

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Mr. Farias' Schedule (Below)

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Conference Sign-Up Links for Feb. 4th and 5th

Please sign up for a conference to discuss your child's progress to this point in the year. These are optional, unless required by your child's teacher. The teacher will reach out to you if s/he is requesting a conference. The conferences are 20 mins in length and will be done via Zoom. The teacher will be sending out the Zoom links soon.

Ms. Patty/Pre-K 3: https://signup.com/go/zsJohzp

Ms. Raquel/Pre-K 4: https://signup.com/go/zNcaMLR

Ms. Madi/1st Grade: https://signup.com/go/coPWPBD

Ms. Josie/2nd Grade: https://signup.com/go/OcAthPs

Ms. Iverson/3rd and 4th Grade: https://signup.com/go/wShXMmM

Mr. Ivan/5th - 8th Grade (Science, Math, and Spanish): https://signup.com/go/jFttTXU

Mr. Farias/5th - 8th Grade (Language Arts, Religion, and Social Studies): https://signup.com/go/jQXhBgi

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